Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall / Winter Make Up

What are your winter make-up favorites.  

I live in the east coast- NY  area.  As you know we have our season change.  I don't know about you but as for me, I tend to change up my make up a bit. During the summer, I love using a softer foundation on my skin.  I like to be out and about, tanning, pool, beach etc which means my skin gets a little roughed up with all the craziness that goes on our skin( not too mention sweat). Well. as you know we are in the Fall season, which means another change of foundation must be applied. During the upcoming season Fall/Winter, I love using  Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation

I love this foundation because it's a little heavy and it is exactly what I need during the winter time.  This foundation is  A breakthrough gel foundation that’s antiaging, long-wearing, and awakens your skin to its ideal radiance and clarity. 

I am also a huge fan of hydrating eye cream and for me This one by Bobbie Brown works for me during the cold weather.

Here is the what it does: This luxurious, concentrated cream is absorbed quickly, allowing it to deliver naturally occurring humectants that virtually melt into the skin. Before makeup application, a perfect level of emollients imparts a lightweight texture, allowing concealer to glide on evenly. Use in the evening to boost skin's ability to recharge and rehydrate during the nightly repair process. It plumps fine lines and improves skin's overall tone and texture. Skin looks and feels stronger and healthier. It leaves the eye area soft, smooth, and refreshed for up to 24 hours.

As for concealer I have been using the Perfect Finish from Dolce & Gabbana 

I like it and just recently started using this particular one, so I will have to give you details in a few months, but so far so good.

Here is what it does:
Awaken the glow, renew the radiance, and restore the glamour with the Perfect Finish Concealer, the ultimate luxurious makeup essential by Dolce & Gabbana. The creamy weightless formula moisturizes, soothes, and blends naturally, concealing flaws and every kind of imperfection. Illuminating the skin with light-reflecting radiance pigments, this concealer achieves a natural, impeccable glow. 

These are my fall / winter make - up  product.

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