Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kim K NYFW 2016 Style

Kim Kardashian, New York Fashion Week Style.


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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Valentines Legend

The Legend Of St, Valentines.

The history of Valentine’s Day–and the story of its patron saint–is shrouded in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. But who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this ancient rite?

The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, where they were often beaten and tortured. According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and–most importantly–romantic figure. By the Middle Ages, perhaps thanks to this reputation, Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England and France.

Origins Of Valentine's Day: A Pagan Festival In February

While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial–which probably occurred around A.D. 270–others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.

To begin the festival, members of the Luperci, an order of Roman priests, would gather at a sacred cave where the infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were believed to have been cared for by a she-wolf or lupa. The priests would sacrifice a goat, for fertility, and a dog, for purification. They would then strip the goat’s hide into strips, dip them into the sacrificial blood and take to the streets, gently slapping both women and crop fields with the goat hide. Far from being fearful, Roman women welcomed the touch of the hides because it was believed to make them more fertile in the coming year. Later in the day, according to legend, all the young women in the city would place their names in a big urn. The city’s bachelors would each choose a name and become paired for the year with his chosen woman. These matches often ended in marriage.

Valentine's Day: A Day Of Romance

Lupercalia survived the initial rise of Christianity and but was outlawed—as it was deemed “un-Christian”–at the end of the 5th century, when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day. It was not until much later, however, that the day became definitively associated with love. During the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds’ mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of Valentine’s Day should be a day for romance.

Valentine greetings were popular as far back as the Middle Ages, though written Valentine’s didn’t begin to appear until after 1400. The oldest known valentine still in existence today was a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. (The greeting is now part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London, England.) Several years later, it is believed that King Henry V hired a writer named John Lydgate to compose a valentine note to Catherine of Valois.

Did You Know about 150 million cards are exchanged annually, making Valentines Day the second most popular card sending holiday after Christmas.

Hope you all enjoyed this little segment on how valentines came about. Check out the History, website for more.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fashion Inspiration

Today my fashion inspiration goes to none other than Victoria Beckham

I am truly admiring with all my love her ankle length skirt and turtleneck.

What do you guys think of her pieces?  I love it.

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Good Morning Lovies!

Today's topic, will be all about clutter.  Many of us, have a huge problem when dealing or feeling things are cluttered.  I for one am one of those people.  When my home is cluttered, my mind is cluttered and my mood automatically changes to feeling stressed and frustrated.  It is amazing how  piled up items in our homes or office can shift our moods. Here are some pointers on how clutter occurs and what we can do to change it.

How Clutter Occurs

You collect things for a number of reasons–maybe you think you’ll need to use it later, it has sentimental value, or you spent good money on it so you feel you need to keep the item, even if you haven’t touched or used it in weeks, months, or years. You might be holding on to that books you bought a year or two ago that you swear you’ll read or those killer pair of shoes that you’ll bring out for just the right occasion etc...

Whether it be your closet or office space, excess things in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. When researchers looked at people’s task performance in an organized versus disorganized environment. The results of the study showed that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress. Also physical clutter overloads your senses, making you feel stressed, and impairs your ability to think creatively.

While clutter has been shown to negatively effect your performance, it is your perception of clutter that matters, not someone else’s.

“When you get up in the morning, if you have clutter right there in your face, it starts your day off on the wrong foot. When you have to start your day by looking for your keys or your phone, it makes you anxious and you haven’t even left the house yet!”
If you think you don’t have time to clear your clutter, think again. With an action plan from experts, you can bust the clutter in your home in 15-minute chunks every day -- and build yourself an oasis of calm that’s also less of a haven for dust, dirt, and allergens.
Before you de-clutter any space, prepare. You need  a few items, such as, bags, boxes, bins, etc.. Here is why. You must make different sets of piles. 
  • Things you will donate to charity
  • Things you want to sell at a yard sale,on Craigslist,  and or Ebay
  • Things that belong in another room
  • Things headed for the trash
Now you’re ready to de-clutter any room. If there is something you don’t wear or use, but are on the fence about parting with it, stick it in a bin. Place the bin in your garage or attic, and write a future date on it -- one year or six months from now. (always label your boxes). This way if you really need something you know exactly where to go and get it. Also if you put dates on your boxes or bins, when the date comes around, if you didn't even bother to to open the box in the time frame, then just donate the entire pin, which means you don't need anything in there.


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Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50

Superbowl Half Time!

I am sure most of us watched the super bowl this weekend! Any thoughts?  Go Broncos! Now lets move on to the half time show. What did you guys think? Well, I'll tell you my thoughts.

 I am a huge Beyonce fan and I must say I loved her performance, along side Bruno Mars (love) and Coldplay whom headline the Superbowl halftime show, which were also outstanding. 

Well, word on the street is said that,  Beyonce made a stirring political statement during the Super Bowl halftime show, in what appears to be a tribute to the Black Panthers, a '60s group that advocated violence to correct racial injustice.
The singer was flanked by backup dancers who wore berets, similar to the berets worn by the group. They also raised their fists, symbolic of the Black Power movement. You go girl.  Good for you, stand up for what you believe in... there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  
The dancers on the field also formed an "X" on the field, which seemed symbolic of civil rights militant Malcolm X. Beyonce also had a strap on her chest in the form of an "X" but that looks like a homage to Michael Jackson's '93 Super Bowl show.  


Queen B, never disappoints.  Here are few behind the scene instagram pictures posted by the Queen .


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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Get Inspired Khloe

More Home Inspiration.

As blogged below let's take a look at Khloe's Beautiful glamorous home.

kardashians 13

kardashians 15

kardashians 16

kardashians 17

kardashians 18

kardashians 19

kardashians 23

kardashians 25

Don't forget to purchase the magazine for more photos and complete article.

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Let's Get Inspired

Let's Get Inspired

Do you guys subscribe to almost every magazine in history?  Probably not. Well, I am one of the rare few who subscribes and receive magazines on a monthly basis.  Well this month Architectural Digest, is of none other our favorite chicas.  Reality stars Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's mansions are featured in the annual "Celebrities at Home" issue of Architectural Digest.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" million-dollar digs were decorated by celebrity interior designer, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

Here are some awesome pictures of their beautiful home.  Let's get inspired. 

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian cover the "Celebrities at Home" March 2016 issue. 

Kourtney's three children also appear in magazine's celebrity homes issue.

kardashians 03
kardashians 12

kardashians 04

kardashians 05

kardashians 11

kardashians 07kardashians 02

**WEB ONLY**Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian covers the "Celebrities at Home" March 2016 issue. The issue hits select newsstands today, and nationally Feb. 9. (Photography by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest)**One time editorial use, all other uses must be negotiated prior with photographer**   Must link: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/kourtney-khloe-kardashian-house-tour

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February 2016

How To Get Your Monday Started

How To Get Started

Yes, I know, we all dislike Monday, for a lack of a better word.  Monday's can be mayhem or exciting depending in which way you look at it.

How can we get our week started, how do we motivate ourselves for the week ahead?

Here are 3 Simple Techniques

Always make sure you go to bed, with a nice soothing clean room. This helps the mood. Fill your room with scents, colors you like etc. 

Tech 1.
The Sky has no limit- therefore stretch your body.  This will help loosen up your joints. Take 3 minutes of quiet time to reflect and take in the week ahead. Releasing stress and concerns,  and thinking about the good thing you can do this week, slowly as you stretch and meditate inhale and exhale as you contract.

Tech 2.
Allow your mind to wonder and as previously blogged, write down your thoughts and feelings about those good memories.  This can boost up your Monday.

Before your cup of coffee, have a glass of water first.

Tech 3.
Exercising in the morning is another form of boosting up your day and your metabolism.  If you can and have time a morning workout can be the fix and or the picker upper of your Monday.

Tech 4.
Concentrate on important task one at a time, and allow yourselves enough time to get ready.  It helps you to have a morning blastoff.

Tech 5.
Last but not least. There is nothing more motivating than getting started, with a project or plan even better a habit. There is the excitement and freshness as you are about to get going. Take these and apply and your Monday will be a lot better.

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