Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby Fashion

My Baby Fashion post:

New Colors for Stokke lovers

Stokke has now introduced their 3 new colors to the US for this fall. Orange Melange, Beige Melange, and Urban Blue are brand new for the Xplory, Scoot and Crusi. They should soon be online and in stores. 

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Children's Book

My Children's Book Library, Post. 

We are in love with Ricky Martin, children book  Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars.  The kid-friendly tale — which will also be available in Spanish — is about a young boy named Santiago, who struggles with self confidence after he doesn't land the lead role in his school’s play. Heavily influenced by his own childhood, Martin hopes his book “inspires young readers to believe that dreams woven from their imaginations can become reality.”
On the same day, the ecstatic singer also gave fans a sneak peek of an uplifting quote from the book. ”When you reach for the moon … sometimes you land among the stars.’ – Santiago The Dreamer,”
I think I will purchase this book for my step daughter. 


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Picture Of The Day

Picture of the day: 9/15/13

Love only gets stronger when two people are true to each other.

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Fashion Inspiration

Who is your fashion inspiration? I tell you mine. I love Olivia Palermo fashion sense. She knows how to put pieces together and combine these perfect asambles that are fascinating to me! Here are a few pictures.

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Fashion Quote Of The Day

Fashion Quote Of The Day:

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Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior

How hot is the Dior Campaign starring Jennifer Lawrence!

Pictures from Dior 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Slefie Of The Day

Selfie of the day, On my way to work!

New School Year

New School Year!

Where does time GO!!! New school year for our kids started this week, in other States kids already started, and in others kids start next week.  What happened to Summer? it vanished right before our eyes.  

First and foremost; we hope your summer was great and filled with colors and many awesome ideas! Now we turn the page to the next to do list - getting the kids ready for school. Here we go  with new uniforms, new book bags, new shoes, and new stationary, these are just a few of the things we will be getting ready to go shop for or already did.

Getting your kids ready for the new school year, is not as simple as we might think  it is just not getting your child ready with necessities  it's also getting them in the school mind frame, it's enduring their bodies and mind are ready for the change of the summer routine, and for this we start early August.  Sleeping patterns, eating habits, change sleeping hours all in all is changing habits for everyone in the family not just for our children.

Consider these 6 easy tips, while getting your child ready for the new school year and through out the year.

Get organized. 

Set an appropriate bedtime and stick to it. Start this 3 weeks before school starts.

Set a regular study time and create a study space with all the needed materials.

Establish a family reading time.

Determine goals for the year, and on a weekly basis reflect on goals and the progress your son/daughter is making toward meeting the goal. 

Last but not least if your kid is the "New Kid in School" teach him or her to be open to meeting new friends.

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