Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Safe is Waxing While Prgnant?

How Safe Is Brazilian Waxing while expecting?

I was sitting with some friends and during our cup of coffee we engaged in a conversation which was how safe is waxing, well of course I was intrigued and decided to so some research on this topic we had, and of course blog about it just in case there are moms-to-be out there that might have this question as well.
There are no problems, issues or concern, waxing while pregnant is safe...You don't absorb those waxes through your skin. If you choose to have pain when you're pregnant, you can. It won't affect the pregnancy, however; There's nothing unsafe about it. But because you have more blood flowing to your skin now — especially in your pubic area — you'll probably be more sensitive to anything that tugs or pulls, so that bikini wax is likely to be more painful than usual. You're also more likely to have some broken blood vessels (harmless but visible) after the waxing... with this being said ladies if you are expecting and had this concern, this is safe, but just know that whenever you have any doubt about any situation regarding your pregnancy, always consult your doctor.



Ana said...

I countinued waxing during my pregnancy and it was more painful than usual

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