Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fashionable Moms To Be

Who said you can't look fashionable while being pregnant?

Get some ideas from our celebrity moms to be or just take a trip to Destination Maternity, which is where I go.  At DM you can find all types of brands from pea in pod, to seven jeans etc.

Here are some fashionable moms to be.

PICS: Pregnant Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego Go Shopping At Bel Bambini

STRIPED DOWN photo | Kourtney Kardashian

Fashion Mom Always In Heels
Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baby Style

What are your favorite baby Fashion?

Based on my previous posts, most of you know that I am expecting! Yay I could not be happier. I am filled with decor ideas, color themes and fashion style for my baby!

Many people go with the tradition blue for boy and pink and bows for girls.  I respect each individuals idea and fashion for their little one... I don't believe there is a right or wrong way in dressing your kid, you do what works for you.  As for me I am not one to put huge bows on little girls, I mean they look cute but they also look as if they have a double head (just my opinion). I also do not like the style that have seen lately and that's dressing up your baby girls as if she is 25 when she is 1, but to each is own, they still look precious!

As for my baby's fashion style, I will not be using blue as often or maybe not at all.  I  will be using Gender-neutral clothing for kids, for me  is one step in the right direction of freeing them from restrictive gender boxes, which is something that I believe in and am firm with. Of course as a baby/newborn , my child will use delicate clothing which I have already gone insane shopping, however as my baby grows will be styling in grey,  whites, beige, blacks, hunter green, navy,  jean color outfits and many more! we will also bring back the Dr Martens boots (picture below) which I love and adore, I use to wear them back in the day and my baby will rock them as well.  My baby will have many different hats according to the age, and as for swaddles and newborn blankies, we are in love with a few brands Aiden and Anais being one of them.

My baby will also be wearing the moccos that I have already gone crazy and purchased a few.

Stone Suede - Limited Edition Moccasins


Here is just a little taste on baby A.G style.  Will post more pictures as I get closer to my due date.  I will show you a few of my purchased items.

Fashion Mom Always In Heels

Life Changes

Those of you who know me, know that my life have changed in a tremendous way.  If you read through  my past blog post you will see the changes.  5 years ago, I got married, to whom at the time, I thought will be my partner for ever, I know in my heart that I had married for love... Life is not always as we plan. Right after this-said beautiful wedding, my marriage started to fall apart, for me this was heart breaking and devastating, however; as my relationship went from bad to worst, we had no other choice than to end the marriage.  Hard times approached but also calmness, peacefulness! God, walked me through life without needing the person that I thought would be my other half.  There are times that I feel as if many people and people I know stay in relationships because of fear of the unknown or being alone, I took the plunged and I do not regret the turn out one bit today.  All in all I can say is do not stay in a bad relationship, life is short and it has so many beautiful things to offer.  Cherish your time alone, and when the right person comes along learn from the negative of what caused your break-up, and applied that to your new relationship and you will see how your new relationship will work out.

Fast forwarding to 2 years ago, I met the person that god had for me.  It was then, when I realized that my marriage needed to fall apart so that better things can happen! I met the person that makes me smile every day! Today I am very happy and blessed that my boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby together.  I will tell you, not in a million years would I have thought that I would be having another child... my youngest is 15. All I can say is how blessed and happy I feel.  I don't know what tomorrow brings but I am living in the right now and for that I thank god, for making things fall apart to bring better things together!

This is my little story.

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