Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's Updates

I am glad to say that I AM ON VACATION FROM WORK (THANK GOD), so hopefully I have enough time to blog about anything and everything! This week I am hoping to get all caught up on my reading, my book club meeting is in a week.

OK so right now I am sitting on my couch comfy as can be, I am wearing my VS sweats and my uggs that I love and can't seem to live with out... my husband hates my uggs he calls them ugggly however;I live by them... any who I am feeling so comfy that I can write forever! lol As I was doing my research to blog about not too much seems to be going on today. I did come across this article from Glamour Mag about Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker, but before I post Eva's picture, I wanted to mention is it true about Marc Anthony and Jennifer? are they really in the process of divorce??? what's your take on this??? I hope not ,for the sake of the twins.

This week I want to do a re-cap of a few things that happened this year, i.e like celebs weddings... who tied the Knot and who went for splits ville... I will post pics of 2008 weddings including my own. Below are a few topics I want to blog about:

What style's will be the IN thing for 2009

Idea's on how to put together a list of things you would love for your spouse, boyfriend, lover ,ect... what can he buy you with out having to ask.

What books I recommend (based on my point of views)

Pregnancy, how to look great being pregnant and where to shop to look FABULOUS! who said you can be stylish while being preggers.

Update you on my diet... which by the way it is as hard as can be.

Most importantly how to control your sanity and dedicate time to your self!

I will write about fun things to do with your children, so they won't feel left out... Also I want to talk about New Years Resolution, if you have one or will you have one! but for now I leave you with Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker one of my favorite celebs check out her Glamour Mag photos scroll down to my picture section below.



Monday, December 29, 2008

My Hair Update!

As I had mentioned on my first blog regarding bangs, I went and got bangs, honestly, I was some what affraid that maybe I would not like it, but I actually do! My bangs are the long type ones that I can hide it if i wanted too. My family liked the way it looks so I'm happy ... I will post a picture as soon as I get a chance. Just figured I would share this with you:)


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Losing weight

Earlier this month, I came down with a really bad cold in which it turned into Asthmatic Bronchitis, therefore; my fantastic doctor put me on steroids for my breathing... I sure can breath now however; I can eat out of control as well. Due to the meds I was on, I now gained around 8 pound, in which it is driving me crazy! I have decided to start my diet as of tomorrow 12\27. I will keep you updated on my weight and progress, my chanllenges etc... As of this moment I weight 132 pounds, this is way too much for my height 5'1. I will be eating less and hopefully working out at least 5 days a week. I was conversing with my husband and I was telling him how out of shape I was and how hard it is for me to breath and do things now, for the most part I'm always tired vs. when I was dedicated to my weight and healthy eating, I was always energetic and on the go not to mention feeling good and happy about my self. The point of this post is that we can try and do this together, if you feel you have a few pounds you want to lose, drop by my blog, we can do this together! Set your goals, realistic ones, let's take control of our lives and lets do this together. Stay tuned for tomorrows diet progress. Leave comments and I'll will sure respond to them. Remember "don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today"

Under Losing Weight if you scroll down below, check out pics of my favorite celebrity moms, whom I love. I'm a Latina therefore; I don't think I will ever be skinny I have curves plus I'm a mom as well. Enjoy the pictures.


Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Hair Trend "Bangs"

Welcome to Fashion Girls. Yes, Bangs seems to be the in thing for this season. Of course I did my research and came across celebrities from Kim Kardashion to gorgeous moms like Heidi Klum,Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, cuties like Vanesssa Hudgens, Demi Lovatto they are all rocking the bangs therefore; as per my research you can have bangs at any age as well... Lets give it a shot, I know I am and so will my daughter, we are starting the new year with bangs. Tell me what you think? Let's change it up girls. Change is good at all ages.