Monday, August 16, 2010

At Home Pedicure

Mommy's and Friends, if you are a new mommy and might not have the time to go to a nail salon, or if you just cant afford at this time to spend 60 dollars on a pedicure, I have saved your life well your feet lol, Below are some great at home pedicure tips.
When it comes to body care, we often neglect a very important part of our body, which are our feet. Our feet help us to move and be active, therefore foot care should be made an important aspect of the beauty regime followed by all. Though we may not realize it, it is our feet that bear most of the brunt of our daily stress. The stress on our feet can be so severe that they may even cause headaches, (remember ladies well I can only speak for my self, but I am always in heels).

But after all the stress that we subject our feet to daily, we still expect them to look perfectly beautiful at all times. But this cannot be possible until we take good care of them and set up a regular foot care regime. A pedicure is that care and pampering that we can give to our feet. Pedicure done once a month or twice a month can help keep the feet attractive and healthy.

If you have some time to spare for your feet, then you can do a pedicure for your feet at home. This would not take more than an hour and the process would be very relaxing. However, if you wish you can also get a pedicure done at a beauty parlour with the help of professionals. Pedicure can also be carried out at home too and natural pedicure can do a world of good for your feet. For doing pedicure on your own, there are a few special items that would need and believe me, they are worth the investment and they last a long time. These products include:

Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Wool
Nail Brush
Hoof Stick or Cotton Buds to push back the cuticles
Toenail Clippers
Emery Board
Cuticle Remover
Nail Polish
Pumice Stone
Large Bowl

Pedicure Tips
In a large bowl containing warm water, pour a little foaming gel. Form lather and add a few drops of lavender essential oil or other essential oils of your choice and suitable for your skin. Soak your feet in this and relax for 5-10 minutes.

Take one foot out of the water, and massage a foot scrub paying special attention to the dry areas and cuticles. Cover with a plastic bag and repeat the same procedure with the other foot. Leave on for 10 – 15 minutes
Remove your feet from the bags and dip them in the bowl of water again, which must have cooled by now. This will help in better circulation.

Now, remove feet from the bowl, use a loofah to scrub and deep cleanse and rub pumice stone on the sole and the top of the feet, in gentle motions, putting maximum pressure on the heel and ball.

Now trim your nails and smooth the edges with an emery board. Use the cotton pad to apply a cuticle remover. Wait for a few minutes, gently push the cuticle back with hoof stick. Soak your feet in the water.

Take your feet off the bowl, wipe with a towel and apply a moisturizer.
Next, apply a base coat of nail polish and top coat. Leave on for sometime and apply the nail polish again

Pedicure helps to tighten the skin on your feet and soften the hard and dry areas of your feet especially the soles. A pedicure is also good for your nails. A regular pedicure will give you the beautiful feet you have always desired. Browse through our pages to learn more about foot care and foot care products.




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