Tuesday, December 28, 2010

13 Things To Think and Change for the New Upcoming Year

1. Honor your health. Make time every day to tend to your body, mind and spirit.

2. Start! Do it now.

3. Thoughts are things. Are you creating the life you want?

4. Speak your word. Mean it.

5. Love is the basis for everything. Love yourself best and first. Then sprinkle freely!

6. We all have choices. Choose what is right for you while respecting others.

7. Show up! Be present.

8. Have fun! Smile. Laugh. Play. Celebrate.

9. Give. Be generous. There is plenty for everyone.

10. Jump. Risk it. Action banishes fear.

11. Release what you don’t need or it will slow you down.

12. Be grateful. Give thanks.

13. Believe in good things. Have faith!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today I am In Love

This screams, romance, elegance and comfort. Love it.


Happy 2 Years Of Blogging To Me!

Fashion Girls turns 2 years of Blogging!!
Thank you to all my followers, as boring or exciting my blog can be, I truly love it and enjoy it.

Picture Of The Day

Mommies Day Part 2

Our Drinks, I had the Blue Hawaiian I forgot the name of her drink.
Some fun girl chat with my girl friend Mirna. She is one of the best people I have ever met. I love you and thanks for being the great person that you are! Cheers :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Godson

Today is my godson Aaron 1st birthday. We are super happy and estatic to cut him a cake this weekend. Time really goes by quick. Here are a few pictures of my godson Aaron. Love you baby.

Every Mom Needs Her Time

Every mommy needs her time!, I am a true and firm believer, ladies being a mom is the best in the world! however many of us once we become mothers, we forget about what it is to have time for your self to unwind. We all need time to enjoy ourselves, being a mommies brings tons of joy, but a fun day out with your family or friends has no price, this is like re-charging your batteries and being just you and not the worried mommy. I truly believe that all mothers should take time to enjoy and just be you!

Below are some pictures of some fabulous mothers who took a night out to have dinner and drinks. This was an awesome night, fun, girl chatting and picture taking, you should all put it to the test and you will see that 2 hours or 3 is enough time to re-charge... now get dress look pretty and go have some great laughs.

The Mommies
Tai Food Yummy

Wine and Coconut Martini's to end the night!

Awesome night!


Celebs Out & About

Celebs Out & About

Friday, December 17, 2010

Griselle's Beauty Tip Of The Day

You know when you have one of those days, when you just feel like being home and doing absolutely nothing! Well here is something fun to do, aside from just lounging around your house! I'am all about doing some much needed at home pampering.

Here is a recipe for a home-made facial scrub that I do at least once a week. A lot of people ask me what do I do to keep my skin so clear and soft, well here is what I do.
The recipe calls for 3 ingredients and leaves my skin feeling nice and moist. This scrub is perfect for the cold winter months when your skin is feeling dry and dehydrated.
Here's the recipe:
1 teaspoon sugar
2 cup full of honey
1 cup full of oatmeal.
Preparation: In a small bowl, combine all 3 sugar, oatmeal and honey.

with your spoon move it around and mix together. As seen in picture above.
Application: Using your fingers, gently scrub your face all over, honestly I even apply it underneath my eyes for dark circles. Rinse off with warm water after 10 min.

This is not the most flattering picture but this is so you can have an idea of how to apply. The results are great!

You can use this scrub in the shower. (I chose to use it in the shower since it can get kinda messy with the honey). *Be sure you are not allergic to any of these ingredients before using. Also before using on your face, dab a small amount on your wrist to check for any adverse reactions*

I hope this leaves your face feeling as beautiful and glowing as it should, I know mine does.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My X-mas List

Many spouses, friends, boy/girlfriend, may not know what to give their significant other for the holidays or any occassion, i.e Valentines or Christmas, B-days... In this case it is Christmas... Below i am sharing with you the list I have given my spouse, he has more than enough to choose form and surprise me, the dollar amount runs from $10.00 and up, so there he can choose depending on his budget (well he better not have a budget for me) These are just some of the things I have listed for him.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi

Ninja BlenderItem Number NH429 (Shipping Code B)$119.99

3M CP40 Digital Camcorder MPEG-4 - HD - 14 MB Flash Memory - Projector, Microphone,...
Audio Accessories: Microphones, Speakers, Recorders - Video Accessories: Projection Screens / Drapers - General Audio & Video Accessories: Audio/Video Cables, Batteries / Chargers
Introducing the 3M Camcorder Projector Shoot 'n Share CP40. Now you can shoot HD video, then project and share it instantly.

I also want many other things in which my hubby has been notified. Simple little things such as The Ricky Martin Book, and many other books, I love reading and indulging in a good book on a Sunday cold morning is one of the best things. 2011 Organizer in which i can not live with out, Gucci bag. an upgrade on my phone never hurts. lol. Most of all I want to love and always feel loved by my husband, friends and family, and all done so in good health.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping. Babe if you are reading this you know this is my list. lol

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Beauty Tip

Re-usable items that you may have at home. I received as a gift a candle, the candle came in the cutest little box, in which I was determine not to throw away and keep... I always thought i can use this for something. With just a little bit of thought I decided to store all my make up brushes, and I love it! everything is at my finger tip when i want to apply my make-up.
If you put some thoughts in gifts or things you have at home you will be surprised how creative you may be.



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Friday, December 3, 2010
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

15 Things I can't Live Without

Whoever wants to do this..please do. It's a fun way to get to know each other!

1. My 3 Kids (husband , daughter, and son). I couldn't live a day without them, they are my world.

2. My computer/Internet. It's seriously my life line. I freak out if we ever lose connection!

3. Make-up, of course. I wouldn't live without my foundation, a good eyelash curler, mascara and lip stick.

4. Bags / Purses! If you know me you know I am a bag freak, I have to use a different bag everyday!

5. Coffee, It is my morning start my day off picker upper.

6. My favorite shows such as Desperate Housewives, The Talk, One tree Hill, The Kardashians, anything on HGTV it is my obsession!

7. Candles / Magazines there is nothing better than having a clean home lite up candles and a great fashion mag or book to indulge in.

8. DVR... oh my lord. How did I EVER live without it, before they were invented. I love being able to tape all my favorite shows and pause or rewind whenever I need to.

9. My Blackberry. I love being able to check my blog, the weather, Internet,texting etc.

10. Body Lotions I am a fanatic of smelling good and body lotions, Victoria Secret, YSL and many more I have a huge basket full

11. I can not live with out my SUNGLASSES, love them , adore them and I take great care of them.

12. Pretty, sexy sleepwear, I am a true fanatic of going to bed looking and feeling pretty.

13. I can't live without SHOPPING. The movie shopaholic i think was made in dedication to me, with out the being in such debt. lol

14. Mirror I have always been one too always look in any mirror yes in windows as well to see my reflection. lol

15. Most of all I can't live without talking to my sisters on the phone, we can talk about anything or anyone and I know they won't betray me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What I am Loving Today

I am obsessing about these fashion trends. I have been going crazy lately with capes, coats, and large sweaters, I am loving this winter trend. What I like most about this Fall/Winter season is that any color basically goes, i.e. Camel, and even red, we have short waist leather to red coats, one can really go insane with shopping.

The Camel Coat

Camel coats provide an uptown classic which are both timeless and age-defying. Having first emerged on last fall’s runways, camel coats for this season come in every possible permutation and tone (from buff, caramel and cognac to toffee, taupe and nutmeg.) Find bold new cuts from wraparound and oversized mannish shapes to ankle-grazing and hooded. Cinch in a camel coat with a slim tonal tan belt for some extra glamor. Be careful to choose a shade that flatters your skintone.

Red Coats

I love red on winter coats. There’s nothing like a bright splash of colour on a dull winter day to make you feel that little bit more cheerful.

The Cape

The cape provides one of the most distinctive and practical wardrobe pieces for Fall/Winter 2010. On-trend, cozy and comfortable, capes come in all shapes, sizes and cuts and look stylish no matter whether a woman is 20 or 60. From hooded, fur-embellished, military-style to floor-sweeping, designers embraced the cape as one of fall’s biggest fashion stories. However, balance out the look by keeping a lean silhouette underneath.

Leather Jackets

Have you noticed, the leather jacket has gotten sexier and more versatile? A good leather jacket should be able to be worn with anything from a grungy pair of jeans to a cocktail dress.

Fuax Fur

This season, I have been seeing faux fur everywhere: coats, hats, vests. I think it's fun to add a little soft-to-the-touch, cozy element to any fall/winter outfit. But please don't overdo it. Nobody wants to see a real-life animal walking through the office. To achieve an elegant and appropriate look, try using only one faux fur piece that compliments an, otherwise, plain outfit.



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Celebs Out & About