Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Fun Book Recommendations

Teen Recommendation The Beacon Street Girls books Series

The Beacon Street Girls books are inspired by all the preteen girls I've ever known. I wanted to create a world where girls can go to have fun and learn about who they are, while modeling real-life experiences. The first book, Worst Enemies/Best Friends, explores creating and testing friendships, skewed first impressions, and being the new kid at school. In the end, true friendship conquers all. Welcome to the world of the BSG! My daughter is reading the series and it is very entertaining and she love it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

My son found this book absolutely hilarious! I bought the 4 book set, it was cheaper then buying them individually, and read them through out the summer. The characters were very realistic and impressionable. A great read! My son finished the first book in 2 days, this was amazing, he just thought it was funny and fun to read, he read all 4.

Book Recommendations For Baby

Whether playing with rattles and having a bath or bouncing balls and painting pictures—the day is packed with fun things to do in these lively board books. With familiar activities to recognize and enjoy, each page of Look at Me! features a different part of a baby's routine. Great read.

This beautifully written, heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and reviewers. Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings of modern American success (marriage, house in the country, career) and find, instead, what she truly wanted from life. Setting out for a year to study three different aspects of her nature amid three different cultures, Gilbert explored the art of pleasure in Italy and the art of devotion in India, and then a balance between the two on the Indonesian island of Bali. By turns rapturous and rueful, this wise and funny author (whom Book list calls “Anne Lamott’s hip, yoga- practicing, footloose younger sister”) is poised to garner yet more adoring fans.

I hope you enjoy my fun book recommendations for this month.



Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Love the story :) Looking forward to the movie out soon.
Lovely blog, am a happy follower :)

J. At Your Service said...

My kids own all the Diary of a Wimpy kid and they just love them! I bought "Eat Pray Love" but I haven't gotten around to starting it yet! Booo
I'm your newest follower!

Griselle said...

Thanks for follwoing, I will follow you as well. My son love it, we actually rented the movie this past weekend, and I was into it lol. He love it. See you at your blog.

Reluctant Writer said...


Im following you from Bloggymoms. Have a great day!

Griselle said...

Hi Thanks for following. Will be follwing yours as well.

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