Thursday, January 28, 2010


Love this, kind of reminds me of my sister's and me!

Jessica's Pictures

I was browsing through and came across these beautiful pictures of Jessica Simpson.


Celebs on Sight!

Jessica and her new puppy.Fergie and hubby.
Alicia, celebrating her 30th birthday.

Jennie Garth and Husband Peter.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

On how she blows off steam: "Honor is the best cure for stress," Alba told us. "When I spend time with her, I get instant perspective. I can be hard on myself if I don't do everything perfectly. But now that I have her, there's no time for that. I want to teach her that you can learn from your mistakes, and if you keep moving and stay positive and loving, everything will work out."

On what she does in the Internet: "I've bought 70 percent of my house off CraigsList! I've found so many things: couches, tables, lamps. I love the idea of recycling furniture and there being a history there."

On her marriage: "I love the way I feel after Cash and I wake up. Or talk on the phone. Everything! Every time I see him or talk to him, I fall in love with him all over again."

The paparazzi: "They drive dangerously close when they're following us and have caused a lot of almost-accidents. They curse, they've threatened people I've been with and they've called me every name under the sun and then taken a photo where I looked mad."

Her body: "Pregnancy was the most incredible experience that I've ever had. So I'll take the stretch marks. I'll take the sagging boobs. I'll take the cellulite I can never get rid of."

On life in 10 years: "I'd love to be raising my kids on a farm in the South of France. My mother-in-law has lived there for more than 20 years, and she has a beautiful setup. I want to be able to allow Honor and my other kids, who I hope to be blessed with in the future, to maintain their innocence for as long as possible. There is so much time to be an adult."
Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fashion Love

"A good shoe is one that doesn't dress you but undresses you,"
Christian Louboutin


Yours truly!

I'm leaving the gansevoort hotel in NYC .


John Mayer

How HOT is John Mayer, posing shirtless for Rolling Stone Mag!


Celebs Out and About!

Claudia Schiffer’s Baby Bump

The supermodel, 39, expects her third child in May.
Claudia and husband Matthew Vaughn announced the pregnancy last week, saying, “We are thrilled about the good news and can hardly wait to have a bigger family.” I just love the fact that having babies these days doesn't have much to do with age. Claudia, at 39 looks beautiful, young and preggers. love it.

Kendra Wilkinson posted a new photo of her snoozing 6-week-old son, dressed in a Nike sweat suit and hat, so cute!



Celebs Out & About!

Tiffany, show off her pretty baby bump.

Kim, at Lax airport.

Kate Hudson

Jennifer Lopez, spooted dressed very casual.

Nicole and Joel, got to love them.

Ashley Simpson, in NYC

The Affleck Family

Alicia Keys, one of my fav singer
Avery pregnant Rebbecca Gayheart, she looks very pretyy.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Gaby Espino

Since I am also Latina, I will do some posting from my latin famous people.

Here is posting number 1.

Gaby Espino and Cristobal Lander are getting a divorce.
The reason? Irreconcilable differences.

I really like he, she is a great actress.



My Favorite Post!

My Favorite Post of The Day!


What I like!


♥Cleaning, re-organizing, re-decorating every season or so.

♥Blogs and blogging. Especially blogs of substantial text, fashion-related or not.

♥Dancing. A passion, hobby, and outlet for self-expression. It’s liberating.

♥ Magazines. I realized only the other day, whilst cleaning/re-organizing/re-decorating my room (see bullet- heart-point no. 1), that magazine subscriptions are rather expensive indulgences, but honestly I love reading good articles.

♥ Reading. I’m a big time reader, self improvement books are one of my favorites.

♥ Coffeeshops and caf├ęs. I like things on a smaller scale; like cupcakes! Petite is always cuter and quainter. I love the relaxing environment, and the fact that they have coffee.

♥My beloved electronic devices. The mobile, the laptop (especially!), and the iPod are my babies. (aside frrom my children)

♥ Candles. My disclaimer: I am no pyro. But fire is undeniable, beautiful, and magical. I love the shadows and flickering of light that play on my walls. Mm. Vanilla bourbon scented candles are delicious.

♥ Notebooks & Post-It Notes. I always have both with me in my bag and go through them rather quickly; I write everything and anything down.

♥ Writing. Obviously.



K. Kardashian & Baby

Kourtney, looks so beautiful as a mommy.


Celebs Out & About!

Jennifer, out and about in a very casual style.
Sarah Michelle Gellar, with her baby girl.

Loving his shirt with his baby's name.

Nicole and Harlow out and about.Jeter and his girlfriend, in which they are rumored to be engaged and and soon to wed in Nov 2010.

Loving the fur look. Kim K always so fashionable.

Love Enrique and Anna, they are so always them. Rumor has it that she is expecting.