Friday, February 27, 2009

My Niece

Congratulations to my sister Ashley, who welcomed her baby girl Mariella Christallia.

I will soon post pictures of the baby so stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proenza Schoulder

I adore this bag.

Proenza Schoulder

Oscars Best Dressed

My Top 3 Favorite Best Dressed
Jennifer Aniston of course when dose she not look good! I love her.

Alisia Keys looked stunning in this fuisa dress

Jessica Biel was another one of the ladies that looked beautiful.

Book Club

Book Club Meeting,

Thanks Anna, once again it was a fun all around meeting as always. We (bookclub members)decided to look into and learn Buddhism. My cousin is now looking into learning about meditation so she suggested we read on this and maybe attend a class or two. What a great idea, I am always open to learning and if it's for a better me... I am all for it. I have read on buddhism my thoughts are as follow it is good and effective if you apply it in your everyday life. One thing I have learned based on a book called "Meditation A Beginners Guide" is that Meditation is a perfect vehicle for self healing. Within it we learn to connect with the devine light, which is healing energy, love to heal those parts of our physical and emotional and mental selves and indeed, to direct outwards to others. At times I try to apply it in my everyday when things get hectic and crazy, it does work... i will blog more about it once we get more indept in the book we choose.

I will keep you updated as to what book we choose to read on, maybe there is something you can apply to your everyday life that can lead to a happier you.

By the way Anna, sorry I couldn't attend to you surprise b-day party you know I had prior engagements. My sister's house warming party. Will make it up to you.


Self Motivator

Love the saying on this clutch!

One of the most wonderful things felt is a rush of adrenalin accompanied by a drive to pursue and reach a goal. This drive is self-motivation - one of the most powerful things bestowed upon us, one that enables us to do nearly anything we want, so long as there is passion. Simply imagine the possibilities; there is no limit to what we can do.

But it is nearly impossible to retain this sort of self-motivation every moment of our lives; there will always be a time when our motivation, our drive, and our self-esteem hits a low(-er) point. It’s simply human, completely inevitable. Because sometimes laziness overcomes us, work bogs us down until the bags beneath our eyes seem permanent, or perhaps that fiery passion disappears suddenly. Regardless of the reason, we must pick ourselves up at some time or another (preferably a.s.a.p.) and re-discover the source of our motivation - it is the vital to not just progress, but also crucial in achieving success.

Accept. Simply accept that you have no desire to do anything at the moment because it’s normal; it’s embedded into human nature, whether or not we like it. It happens. So set that project/goal aside for the time being and allow your mind to wander a bit. Sometimes all we need is a break from routine and concentration; set a date with friends and enjoy it. Watch a few movies, catch up on TV episodes, indulge in a bit of ice cream or sweets, take a stroll in a museum or a public area, etc. Be re-inspired by your lack of inspiration and motivation in allowing yourself to soak in, from a new perspective, what you already know. (I do hope that made sense.) As they say; a breath of fresh air is needed occasionally in order to continue something and not feel bored of it; giving both yourself and that particular project/goal time off allows you to come back with a fresh start.

Take a break; relax. Bumming around is perfectly okay - and not just because I do it ;]. Don’t force yourself to be productive when you simply are un-inspired or hardly motivated. Coercing yourself to finish something will only make you unhappy and even more unwilling to go about your work; not to mention, the end result won’t be something you are happy with - it becomes just a thing you wanted to finish - it is no longer special. Case in point: I’ve been holding off on replying to emails/questions this week because a flood of emails can cause dread. But it wasn’t that - I like to take my time in thinking about each answer so I can give the best reply I can; rushing to answer them when my brain is hardly functioning or if I feel un-inspired will only produce mediocre results.

… some ideas? Buy tickets to your favorite museum (art, perhaps, since you’re a graphic designer?) / Plan an outing with friends / Turn up the music, plop onto your bed or couch, and read a good book / Walk around town or the city; people watching is quite enjoyable and inspirational! / Dance around (it works for me, always).

Tea is your best friend! I must have a whole groupie of best friends; bags, shoes, post-it notes, etc. But tea really is incredibly helpful in soothing and calming not just your mind, but your body. I must admit that I have no idea as to how these anti-oxidants and other ingredients work scientifically; all I do know is that they do work. Coffee, though absolutely delicious (I am such a hypocrite!) is hardly the sort of drink that is calming. Avoid it At least try i know it's hard, at work I have to drink coffee!

After giving yourself ample time to rejuvenate and relax, bring out your personal inspiration books/collages. Perhaps browsing your first work or journal will re-inspire you and re-ignite the passion, whilst reminding you of why you started in the first place. A bit of nostalgia always brings back good memories and smiles =].

Again I am a big fan of writting so jot down the things you love. Write it all down in a list; it’s sure to bring smiles and remind you of why you began/wanted the particular goal/project. Sometimes, without even knowing it, writing lists can give you revelations or epiphany moments of inspiration!

Re-establish that goal. Re-word, re-form, & re-vamp your original goal so it sounds just a bit newer and more fresh. Write it down somewhere that is easily accessible. As silly as it sounds, I have my goals set as the wallpaper to my laptop; I too lose focus of what I want at times - a constant reminder is necessary for me, as a sort of means to push me back on track.

Think of the rewards! Whether they be monetary, tangible, or this inward emotion of triumph, it’s nice to daydream a bit of what you could achieve in following through with your goal. Dreams are meant to be dreamt, not to be left shriveling and stale in your mind. Sometimes, just thinking of what I can potentially be in the future motivates me to work harder for what I want. Though I must admit it requires a lot of concentration and focus - something I have yet to find ;].

And to be the best person you can possibly be is all relative to perspective. But be sure you meet your personal standards; not what everyone else around you wants. Yes, in the real world, sadly, you must live up to others’ expectations of you. But at the end of the day, you must be happy with who you are (I apologize for the cliche topic and cheesiness.) I wish I knew the answers to everything so I could help everyone to the best of my abilities, but all I can say for this particular area is this: if you are happy with where you are and who are currently, then you are being the best person you possibly be.



Friday, February 20, 2009

Trend Setting Hair styles!

Proving that great minds think alike, Lindsay Lohan and Madonna arrive at the Filth and Wisdom screening in N.Y.C. earlier this week in matching crimped dos.

Kim Kardashian and Kerry Washington show off identical dos, with extra-long bangs and soft, full curls.

It's a double-header as 90210's AnnaLynne McCord and Katherine Heigl secure their swept-back updos with double-wrap elastic bands.

Kate Beckinsale

My fashion inspiration Kate Beckinsale now has a new do! she is now among many other celebrities with bangs. She looks beautiful either way. Here are some pictures of Kate. I love it! what do you think? plus now i feel better about having bangs.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez.

Here are some pictures of Mrs. Anthony, looking stunning as always. I love this women. I love the many styles of Jennifer, she plays around with fashion and that my friend is a plus.

Love her shoes.
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I love Thursday

Things I love Thursday

  • First thing I love about this Thursday, the people I have in my life :)
  • Going to the mall with my sister. Having some sister/friend shopping time.
  • My planner. It's a must, Simply because I am an organizational freak, and do love so to have everything written and planned out. Though I hardly ever follow through. It’s just nice to know that I have some control of my future.
  • Scarves. I think I had worn a scarf at least four or five times a week for the past weeks. It’s been a growing obsession, since my original collection welcomed a rather large amount of new scarves . From wool, to cashmere, silk to satin, plain to embellished, I do believe they are my winter wardrobe staple. They truly are the most practical and fashionable accessory that can make any ensemble, regardless of what you wear (perhaps that was an exaggeration), sophisticated.

  • Victoria’s Secret. Oh god, how I just love that place. The beauty products, perfumes, and lingerie. Gooood stuff, darlings. The new V day package.

  • Happy Hour with a friend/ loved one or co-workers you know happy thursdays.


Enjoying a mug of hot cocoa with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on top looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

Stay tune for my must haves!


Beyonce and Eva

You all know how obsessed with my fashion blog I am! however; in the past few weeks i have been extremely busy, between work and all my personal stuff going on, I have been trying to find the time to get all caught up with everything... (thank god for my organizer)This week we have the All Star Game, A-Rod ( I love him) and of course my favorite topic Fashion Week, this it self is way to much but i am getting there. Today I have posted a few of my favorite designer's and their collection, I still have more to go. I also want to write about my personal diet and what I have accomplished, in which I am very happy and proud of myself. I have a busy weekend ahead so I will try my best to keep my blog up to date.

Beyonce and Eva at the All Star Game!

Celebrities @ Fashion Week 2009

Celebs @ Fashion Week New York 2009
Victoria @ Armani

Fashion Week: Whitney and Olivia ,katharine mcphee @ the Diane von Furstenberg Show

Fashion Week: Kim and Kloe along with others celebrities @ the Badgley Mischka's Fashion Week Show

Fashion Week: Nicole and Joel matching hair color arriving at the Diesel Show

Fashion Week: Heidi Klum @ Michael Kors

2009 Fall collection by marc Jacobs

Fashion Week: marc jacobs 2009 Fall Collection


marc by marc Jacobs

Fashion Week: marc by marc jacobs

The Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is the younger collection out of the two Marc Jacobs collections. My husband knows this is one of my favorite designers. In this Fall 2009 fashion show, one views that Marc Jacobs emphasizes in staying warm but casual and chic all at the same time. I love red plaid even though I see everyone wearing it, cute bags, funky boots and tights, belts, and great accessories. I always find it fashionable for guys to be in blazers, a sweater and a shirt underneath. The geek chic looks great when one adds a scarf as an accessory! Marc by Marc Jacobs is a fabulous collection once again and I am planning on taking some bits and pieces of it for my next outfit!
Thursday, February 12, 2009 Adrianna Lima

Adriana Lima (one of my fav models)and Doutzen Kroes are celebrating Valentines day a few days early by promoting the new heart packages! These images are adorable!! What do you think? I would love to know what you're doing for! Spending it with your beau or with family and friends? Either way, I hope you have a lovely time! I'm definitely looking forward to it because I enjoy celebrating love with friends or with my partner either way celebrate it! Humm I just might go buy one of these goodys this weekend.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Well I have been reading many books and amongs them I of course the girly girl that i am just finished reading Confessions of a Shopaholic and must say I found the book very amusing. It was really fun to follow the life Rebecca, the girl working for a financial magazine, and her obsession with shopping. I can’t really say that I felt like her or with her when she did all those crazy things just to keep shopping, but I must admit I could feel her desire to shop. The feeling you get when you find a piece in the store that’s wayyy over your budget and you feel that you still must have it. The book is hilarious and I can’t wait to see the movie. If it’s half as good than the book was, it’s worth seeing. Ladies you all know we can relate with being shopaholic, we all have a bit of Rebecca inside...I know i do.


Eva Mendez


Based on my research 10 million men has voted at and the result is that Eva Mendes was voted ”The most desirable woman of 2009″. And I have to say that I agree with all those men who find Eva attractive. She looks good, she have a goddess body and her sense of style is amazing. Go Eva!!


Today's Post

I have been so busy, that I have not had the chance to post in the past few days. There is a lot to write about.

I will start with A Rod, honestly there is way too much going in the world, such as, people losing their jobs, homes going foreclosures etc... to have the media make such a big deal on A Rod and steroids. Yes, as much as I love A Rod, it was wrong on his part to have taken steroids, but he came clean spoke about it said it was years ago... ok now lets move on with the world. A Rod, is a great player who has demonstrated his talent and is passion for baseball, why can't we just focus on that. MOVE ON WORLD. everyone makes mistakes, big deal.

Dancing with the stars is one of my must see shows. Yes, I am so chesssy that I am actually one of those that calls and votes lol. Since all the star's have been announced, I already have my pick and that is Denise Richards. My vote is for the sexy mom of 2 little girls. You go girl.

Kimora, accompany by her boyfriend. I must say they look beautiful together. Pretty and simple in her gold pregnant dress. Again I wonder if her show will continue??? Although I thought she was bit too over the top for my taste I still watched her show and liked it.
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sarah Stage


In case you don't know Sarah (my fav model) well here is a little info of her background.

Sarah, not only is she one of my favorite, but we have the same name we are both SS. LOL However; she is just beauty. I have four favorite models so far and Sarah, is one of them. Sarah's background of Costa Rican and European. You may have seen her in runway shows, tv, commercials, Ads... A few of her favorite things to do are salsa dancing, traveling, and she love animals. Sarah is also Kayne West favorite model.

My Personal Weekend

This weekend didn't start of quite as I expected. As I am driving down the Parkway, I had a flat tire and had to get my car towed to my house... I thought why does this happened to me!!! but NOOO i retrieved my thoughts, sored of speak and thought wait this could be worst...

Later that night I met up with a few co-workers, and my two lovely cousins, we went to watch the movie" He Is Just Not That Into You" My opinion on this movie, well, I thought it was okay but def. not one of my favorites. I Owen the book and read it a few years ago, This is not your regular "chick flick." This movie was good in the sense that it had so many stories so intricately weaved together. If you are not into chick flicks, then this one is definitely worth a try. One thing this movie had was great acting for once (and by all the characters) was a beautiful thing. I don't think guys, will regret seeing this film. It has so many situations that apply to both sexes. Everyone can relate to a situation in this film. Over all the movie was good, I just thought the first scenario with Ginifer Goodwin, was too exaggerated, how can a girl be so desperate to be with someone! I mean she went over bored ...and if there are girls like that out there.. Oh my god you need to re-evaluate your self and realized how important you are, and when time comes someone good will come to you but in the meantime embrace your single hood and love your self. Ginnifer 's scenario was a turned down for me, every other scenario was very good and one everyone can relate too at one point or another, Plus one of my favorite actresses is in this movie.

Brides War is by far my favorite movie of 2009. I am also waiting to see Confessions of a shopaholic due out this weekend coming up.

To sum up my weekend over all it was really good. Saturday I did my at home beauty, facial, pedi everything. Loved it.

Click on the link to view the trailer


Kim Kardashian

I have to continue on my blog with writting and posting pictures of Kim Kardashian, she is now among my favorites such as Kate Beckinsale, Kim is creeping up my top 10 favs. I am loving her look, style everything... she is like the "IT" girl. She looks flawless with her bangs.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Be Kind To Your Self!

TGIF, Finally this week is over, after a busy week at work and handling my personal life at the same time... I'm tired...and I am sure I'm not alone in this one. My advice for all this: Be kind to yourself, How? Well, here are some things I do:

Pamper yourself with a mid-winter pedicure. Even though no one will see your perfectly painted toenails, you'll feel better. And looking down to see 10 lovely bright red toenails will lift your spirits. Plus your heels will feel softer and smoother. Good stuff.

Go for a brow wax. There's something so cathartic about having my brows waxed. I love the way it feels, as sick as that may sound. But what's better than having my stray eyebrow hairs yanked out of my face is the way a brow wax looks. It's subtle, but having cleaned up, professional shaped brows does wonders for your looks. Plus it's relatively cheap and quick. I have my waxing kit, I do it my self.

Give yourself an at-home facial. If you have a microdermabrasion kit, use it. If not, head down to the drugstore and pick up a fun, inexpensive face mask. Slather it all over your skin, lie down on your bed and relax for 15 minutes. Your skin will look better and you'll feel more rested. Don't forget to apply a decent moisturizer and lip balm once you're done. I live by home facials, I actually only do home facials.

Take a bubble bath. whenever you get the chance. You deserve 30 minutes to an hour of alone time, and bubble baths force you to turn off the TV, hang up the cell phone, and step away from the computer.

Shave your legs. I shave all year round, I take time to shave my legs, making sure not to miss any patches. And I follow up a shave with a whole hell of a lot of moisturizer (neutragena sesame oil Im currently using) , especially in the winter to avoid dryness. It feels so good to have smooth, satiny legs!

Start each day with a wonderful body moisturizer. Instead of applying perfume, try using a scented body moisturizer. Doing so will provide double duty: your skin will be soft and touchable, and you'll smell great. No one else may notice, but that's ok. You'll know you spent a few minutes in the morning lavishing attention on yourself...and there's nothing wrong with that.

If you don't take the time to be kind to yourself, no one else will. You have to treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Trust me we should think about this and live by this every day.

I am going to watch "He is not that into you" today I will post my feed backs on the last 3 movies I've watched.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fashion Finds / Covers Jessica Alba & Olivia

Jessica Alba, is on the cover of Elle Magazine

Mrs. Cash, talks about child birth, losing baby weight, and her husband Cash Warren. Check it out! She looks beautiful with her new hair do!

Olivia, known for her fashion sence in "The City"

Fur top with leather pants just proves her style. Lovely.

Slowly but surely Olivia has been on an eye watch, for her fashion style, she always looks great.


A Better Day!

Finding Love, Peace and Beauty Everyday!

There are certain things I never leave my house with out: My handbag, make-up, magazine, PDA and for the past month or two I don't leave with out a notebook, I have turned into a note taker, and a list maker. therefore a good notebook is always with in reach.

I have realize, by writting and taking notes, not only will this help organized yourself but in some ways than other, it is a peace-maker, in which helps my day to day stress. As a mother and a wife with a busy schedule, my everyday life can get hectic so to stay organized and focused, I write everything down. The notebook I am currently using is a 3d demention with a fashion lady looking at herself in a hand held mirror, this not only adds glamour, beauty and sexyness to my day but inspires my thoughts, plans and dreams that are a part of living a beautiful life. Self Esteem!

I recommend you to do the same, this helps!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fashion Finds Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, has made my top 5 list of favorite celebs by far. I love her style. Kim K looks HOT and Fierce in this image. She looks fabulous, I am loving her hair style.

Picture is courtesy of


Winter Fashion Find

My Wednesday Fashion Find Vanessa Minillio

Leather Waist Jacket

I am loving the casual look, Vanessa, looks comfortable and yet very stylish. This is an everyday look. The leather short waist jacket is one of the hottest items for early spring.


How to mend/survive a broken heart!

This Post is dedicated to someone I hold close to my heart! I hope this helps.

With valentine's soon approaching and couples making plans, let us not forget those who are no longer in a relationship. Below are a few ideas of how to mend your broken heart.

Mend A Broken Heart!

People may say no one ever died of a broken heart, but when you're suffering from one, it sure doesn't feel that way--at least initially. These suggestions may help you navigate the painfully troubled waters of a relationship that has ended and help you heal a broken heart.

Days 1 and 2
Step1 Breathe. All you can do is survive this first and difficult day. Take one day at a time. Give yourself permission to mourn. Call in sick at work, sleep all day, eat too much ice cream, sob.

Step2 Congratulate yourself for being human: It is only when you open yourself to love that your heart can break. Develop and repeat a helpful mantra to get you through the initial shock and pain, such as "This too shall pass" or "I will survive."

Step3 Reach out to a close friend or family member. It helps to share your thoughts with others. Watch a movie to distract yourself. Choose a comedy that has cheered you up in the past. Or watch a movie that's guaranteed to make you sob--it may surprise you how good that feels.

Month 1

Step1Week 1: Force yourself to go out even if you are feeling despondent. Take yourself out for a cup of coffee or go on a long walk. Express your emotions in a way that comes naturally. Write in a journal, paint, sculpt or play music. Do daily cardiovascular exercise--the endorphins will give your spirits an immediate lift. Resist the urge to call your ex. Instead, write a letter. Don't mail it. Go out of town for the weekend to distance yourself from the temptation to call your ex. Visit an old friend or go back home to your roots. A change of environment does wonders for the spirit. Put everything that reminds you of your ex in a box and seal it. Throw it away, donate it to charity or ask a friend to hold on to it indefinitely.

Step2Week 2: Surround yourself with friends. This may mean reaching out to people you fell out of touch with during the relationship. Make lists to help you regain your confidence and identity: a list of your friends, of things you like, of what you want to accomplish in the next decade. Spoil yourself: Get a new hairstyle, have a spa day or go shopping. Resist the urge to call your ex.

Step3Week 3: Assess the experience. Have you learned anything about yourself? Does the experience make you more empathetic to others who've suffered a hardship? Begin an activity that will fill your time, distract your mind and rebuild your confidence. Train for a marathon, take up yoga or learn a new language. Resist the urge to call your ex. Volunteer your time at a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen or tutoring center. It will take your mind off your own woes and keep your suffering in perspective.

Step4Week 4: Continue regular socializing and exercising. While socializing, though, make sure you don't depend on alcohol or drugs to dull the pain. Call your ex if you feel it would be helpful. Resist if you merely want to say hurtful things. Consider dating other people, but be wary of rebound relationships. Understand that you will need to experience and process sadness, anger, guilt and fear to fully heal. Burying or ignoring these emotions will thwart the healing process. Write, cry, share the feelings with friends.

Months 3 to 6
Step1 Force yourself to go on dates. You'll be surprised to discover that your heart can still flutter over someone. It's part of the healing process.

Step2 Consult a psychiatrist if you are experiencing symptoms of depression, such as lack of appetite, insomnia or too much sleeping, low self-esteem, and an inability to concentrate or carry out routine tasks. Ask a friend or physician to recommend one who is experienced in treating depression.

Step3 Remember that healing is a process that takes time. Expect waves of sadness, anger, guilt or fear even after you think you are over it. Give your heart time to heal.
One year and beyond

Step1 Compartmentalize the experience in your memory: "My heart was broken once. It really hurt and I'm glad it's over."

Step2 Reach out to your ex if you want to re-establish a friendship. Do not harbor secret ambitions of winning him or her back. You'll only set yourself up for another heartbreak.

Surviving A Broken Heart

If things are unraveling, you’re being avoided, made promises that are never kept or you’re feeling disappointed, chances are you have a broken heart. Go easy on yourself and remember you’re not the only one who is going through this. There are those who can help, and there are things you can do to help alleviate the pain of a broken heart.

Step1 First and foremost, be honest with yourself. Think back to when you felt good about yourself. Remind yourself there is a tomorrow and then promise this experience has been a learning lesson, and mean it.

Step2 Is he good for you? If you’re feeling blue then most likely the guy is not, or was not, good for you anyway. You are better off without him.

Step3 Chances are you are going to want to go back to her/him. Familiar territory, even if it’s bad, is easier than tackling the unknown. Try to stay away from her / him and avoid the places he/she normally goes.

Step4 If you are unable to stay away, explain to him he isn’t good for you. Tell your friends you wish to stay away from him and ask them to help you find new places to go.

Step5 Stay busy so you don’t dwell on what has happened. If you have time on your hands treat yourself to something you enjoy such as a movie, a trip to the museum or a shopping spree.

Step6 Remember to be good to yourself. This is important and you should do this everyday, but sometimes we punish ourselves because we feel we have failed. You haven’t failed, just moved on.

Step7 Spend time with positive people. Surround yourself with those who appreciate you. Remember you are important and you must live with yourself first. If you are not good to yourself, others will not treat you any better.

Don’t expect to get over a broken heart in only a few days. It takes time to feel better, but if you follow the steps you will be on your way to recovery very soon.

If this can help at least one person out there then that is good enough for me. I have been through a broken heart i have experienced the feeling, this is why I choose to share these tips with you!


Winter Fashion tip of the day!

Here are some of my tips for adjusting fashionably to freezing temperatures:

1. Wear sturdy, warm, comfortable boots on your way to work. They will allow you to walk quickly and reduces chances of slipping on ice! You can change into heels or heeled boots when you are safely on dry area or in my case my car. Leaving shoes at work will avoid lugging them with you or worse, forgetting them all together. I personally carry them to my car, I don't leave shoes at work, but this works for a lot of people.

2. Layers! A turtleneck under a blouse. A woven shirt under a sweater. A long sleeve T under a sleeveless dress. Cardigans over everything. You get the picture.

3. Wear cozy tights. Tights are a winter fashion opportunity. Buy a selection of thick opaque tights in a variety of colours, textures and patterns and let them dress up a simple dress or skirt. Currently in my tights drawer: grey tights, herringbone pattern tights, and space dyed sweater tights.

4. Stock up on scarves. Scarves are THE must have accessory for winter. Wrap it around your face and neck on the way to work and wear it as an accessory in chilly offices. I personally hate turtlenecks (I feel like I`m choking!) so a scarf is a great way to feel cozy and warm and add personality to your office outfit. I always have one wrap around.

5. Wear a hat! About 40% of heat loss is through your head. Let me repeat: Wear a hat!! It will go a long way to keeping you warm. To avoid hat head, make sure your hair is completely dry before putting one on. After you reach your destination, remove your hat and take a few seconds to fluff up your hair again.


Kate Beckinsale

Fashion Finds
I love Kate Beckinsale. She always looks chic and very stylish. She is one hot mom! She is one of my favorite celebrities.