Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Gossip Section

I know I am like 3 weeks late with this Vanessa and Nick's engagement but how weird is it that after Nick proposing to Vanessa, Jessica Simpson is now engaged too? I am not one to blog about gossip... is not what my blog is about but every here and there I will throw in some celeb gossip post, Ok so with that being said let's gossip!

Couldn't Jessica wait a while, well the girl just started dating Eric her fiance a few months ago, while Nick and Vanessa have been together for 4 years.

Any way Jessica's Simpson's second engagement ring features an approximately 4-carat, oval-shaped ruby stone flanked by two diamonds from Lane, a Los Angeles jeweler known for his celebrity bridal clientele.

Here is a picture of both rings, I mean they are really beautiful but I love Vanessa's ring best!

Some birthday presents really are the icing on the cake.

" True Beauty" host Vanessa Minnilla touched down for a Mexican vacation on Nov. 5 flashing her new engagement ring, a little pre-30th birthday bling from new fiance Nick Lachey.

The lovebird Scorpios, who share the same Nov. 9 birthday and have been dating since 2006, announced their engagement .

"If any one's heard the rumors of my engagement they are absolutely true," the singer, who turns 37 next week, tweeted. "Vanessa and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all the love.

"The ring appears to be a whopper; a platinum-set Asscher-cut diamond with trapezoids on the side from designer Bader & Garrin, this is according to Us Weekly.

Jewelry expert Michael O'Connor tells the magazine that the center stone is approximately 4 carats, estimating the ring's cost at a cool $125,000.

"The platinum setting... makes this a classic ring, but the trapezoid diamonds give it a modern twist," O'Connor adds.

She loves her ring it is big and beautiful.


Tip Of The Day

Make up Remover!

I love wearing make up, I am actually one of the ones that rarely leaves home with out applying something on my face, however, the worst part of wearing makeup is taking it off. Many people use face wipe and/or Makeup Remover pad made by popular brands such as Clean and Clear, Noxzema, Neutrogena, etc… It cleans it up well but you need a few pads to be effective. It can get pretty pricey too. A great way to get the same results is to use baby wipes, non-alcoholic and fragrance free. Think about it, if it could clean a babies’ tushy with it, it has to be soft enough and also fights bacteria.

*Try not to buy the ones on sale. They are too soft and more difficult to use.

Beautiful Decor

For your everyday living!
I am looking into changing up my bedroom decor and furniture, I came across this beautiful decor, this is pretty much what resembles what I am looking for and what I can relate, very sexy and romantic feeling! I am in love with this bedroom.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Picture of The Day

The Wonderful time I had with my sister in Florida early this year!

Weekend Recap

Hello Lovies,

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! My re-cap was Thanksgiving day, I watched the parade with my kids... It felt good to just lay on the couch, drinking coffee and watching the wonderful Macy's Parade, later on in the day, we headed to my uncles house where i came together with my family, we blessed the food ate then just talked the night away, as for the rest of the weekend, well I didn't do much a side from getting the hair done, and having family come over for game night Saturday night. One thing I did out of the ordinary was go to church, I never took the time to go and listen to gods words, I have decided to change my religion, I used to be Catholic and now I am Christian, I loved the church the people were so friendly and amazing they took time to meet me and talk to me, they sure made me feel welcomed!

Here are 5 Things that I am Thankful:

  1. My family
  2. Our health
  3. That everyday we are blessed to have food on our table
  4. This Country
  5. That we are alive today
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better Day !Tip Of The Day

A Better Day!

There are certain things I never leave my house with out: My handbag, make-up, magazine, PDA and for the past year or two I don't leave with out a notebook, I have turned into a note taker, and a list maker. therefore a good notebook is always with-in reach.
I have realize, by writting and taking notes, not only will this help organized yourself but in some ways than other, it is a peace-maker, in which helps my day to day stress. As a mother and a wife with a busy schedule, my everyday life can get hectic to say the least, therefore; to stay organized and focused, I write everything down. The notebookI am currently using is a 3d demention with a fashion lady looking at herself in a hand held mirror, this not only adds glamour, beauty and sexyness to my day but inspires my thoughts, plans and dreams that are a part of living a beautiful life. Self Esteem!

I recommend people to do the same, this really helps!

What I am Loving Today

Pajamas can also be sexy. I love this romper tomboy sexy pj, I own a few of them from different brands and I love it, so does my husband he tells me I look sexy in them.
Holiday Jenna Romper
by Steve Alan
Holiday Crossback Nighty
by Steven Alan
Honestly not always do we go to bed with the sexiest lingerie on, I mean, in my case I don't always wear them however; i am a true believer that one must go to bed feeling comfortable and sexy, not only if you have a partner should you be sexy but even if you are going to bed alone... One of the best feelings is going to be pretty and sexy for some reason I tend to have a good night sleep when i am feeling pretty and sexy! Here are a few pictures of the pajamas that I am loving today. I have 3 drawers in my house just full of sexy lingerie and pajamas of all kinds but what I have found my self wearing a lot of theses days, are very similar to the pictures above.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stress Management Relaxation Techniques

Happy Monday Lovies,

Thanksgiving is this week, which means lots of family events, shopping and celebrating Holidays, hosting, traveling and the list goes on. I know how stressful this can be, as a result of the Holiday stress combines with our everyday stress I have researched several techniques to help me with my every day stress and holiday stress as well. Below are 10 techniques I put together to share with you all, I hope you can all put this to good use I know I am trying. Enjoy and Happy Stress Free Holidays.

10 Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress On-the-Spot
If your hectic lifestyle has got you down, experts say relaxation techniques can bring you back into balance -- some in five minutes or less.
1. Meditate
If you're thinking meditation means twisting your body into an uncomfortable position and uttering "oohs" and "omms" for an hour, guess again. This includes walking, swimming, painting, knitting -- any activity that helps keep your attention calmly in the present moment.

When you catch yourself thinking about your job, your relationship or your lifelong to-do list, experts say to simply let the thought escape, and bring your mind back the repetition of the activity. Try it for just 5 to 10 minutes a day and watch stress levels drop.

2. Picture Yourself Relaxed
Is your mind too talkative to meditate? Try creating a peaceful visualization, or "dreamscape." To start, simply visualize anything that keeps your thoughts away from current tensions. It could be a favorite vacation spot, a fantasy island, that penthouse in New York City -- or something "touchable," like the feel of your favorite silk robe or cozy sweater.

The idea is to take your mind off your stress, and replace it with an image that evokes a sense of calm. The more realistic your daydream -- in terms of colors, sights, sounds; even touch and feel -- the more relaxation you'll experience.
3. Breathe Deeply
Feeling stressed evokes tense, shallow breathing, while calm is associated with relaxed breathing, So to turn tension into relaxation, he says, change the way you breathe.

Try this: Let out a big sigh, dropping your chest, and exhaling through gently pursed lips. Now imagine your low belly, or center, as a deep, powerful place. Feel your breath coming and going as your mind stays focused there. Inhale, feeling your entire belly, sides and lower back expand. Exhale, sighing again as you drop your chest, and feeling your belly, back and sides contract. Repeat 10 times, relaxing more fully each time.

4. Look Around You
"Mindfulness is the here-and-now approach to living that makes daily life richer and more meaningful," It's approaching life like a child, without passing judgment on what occurs. Mindfulness means focusing on one activity at a time, so forget multi-tasking! Staying in the present-tense can help promote relaxation and provide a buffer against anxiety and depression.

Practice it by focusing on your immediate surroundings. If you're outdoors, enjoy the shape and colors of flowers, hear a bird's call or consider a tree. In the mall, look at the details of a dress in the window, examine a piece of jewelry and focus on how it's made, or window-shop for furniture, checking out every detail of pattern and style. As long as you can keep your mind focused on something in the present, stress will take a back seat.
5. Drink Hot Tea
If you're a coffee-guzzler, consider going green. Coffee raises levels of the notorious stress hormone, cortisol, while green tea offers health and beauty.
Chamomile tea is a traditional favorite for calming the mind and reducing stress. And black tea may be a stress-fighter, too, researchers from University College London report. Participants who drank regular black tea displayed lower levels of cortisol, and reported feeling calmer during six weeks of stressful situations than those who drank a placebo with the same amount of caffeine.

6. Show Some Love
Induce the relaxation response by cuddling your pet, giving an unexpected hug to a friend or family member, snuggling with your spouse, or talking to a friend about the good things in your lives, says psychologist Deborah Rozman, PhD, co-author of Transforming Stress. When you do, you'll be reducing your stress levels.

Why? Experts say social interaction helps your brain think better, encouraging you to see new solutions to situations that once seemed impossible, she says. Studies have also shown that physical contact -- like petting your dog or cat -- may actually help lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones.

7. Try Self-Massage
When your muscles are tense and you've no time to visit a pro, try this simple self-massage technique from Darrin Zeer, author of Lover's Massage and Office Yoga. Relax, and travel straight to Zen-land.
Place both hands on your shoulders and neck.
Squeeze with your fingers and palms.
Rub vigorously, keeping shoulders relaxed.
Wrap one hand around the other forearm.
Squeeze the muscles with thumb and fingers.
Move up and down from your elbow to fingertips and back again.
Repeat with other arm.

8. Take a Time-Out
Adults need time-outs, too. So when you sense your temper is about to erupt, Jeff Brantley, MD, author of Five Good Minutes In the Evening, suggests finding a quiet place to sit or lie down and put the stressful situation on hold. Take a few deep breaths and concentrate on releasing tension and calming your heartbeat. Quiet your mind and remember: Time is always on your side, so relax. The stress can wait.
9. Try a Musical Detour
Music can calm the heartbeat and soothe the soul, the experts say. So, when the going gets rough, take a musical stress detour by aligning your heartbeat with the slow tempo of a relaxing song. And you might want to make that a classical tune. Research shows that listening to 30 minutes of classical music may produce calming effects equivalent to taking 10 mg of Valium.

10. Take an Attitude Break
Thirty seconds is enough time to shift your heart's rhythm from stressed to relaxed, Rozman says. The way to do that: Engage your heart and your mind in positive thinking. Start by envisioning anything that triggers a positive feeling -- a vision of your child or spouse, the image of your pet, that great piece of jewelry you're saving up to buy, a memento from a vacation -- whatever it is, conjuring up the thought will help slow breathing, relax tense muscles and put a smile on your face. Rozman says that creating a positive emotional attitude can also calm and steady your heart rhythm, contributing to feelings of relaxation and peace.
Saturday, November 20, 2010

Styles That I Love

Styles That I Love, I always say and think that because you are a mom, you don't have to make your self look old and abandon, I am a true believer that one should always try to look their best specially if you are a young modern mother. Ladies, if by any chance you are feeling over weight and maybe not so pretty.... well here is my own personal tip, get back on that wagon, it is ok to feel like this; only okay if we are going to do something regarding the negative issue, if you are feeling over weight... then girl get up (well after reading this blog that is :) start working out and set goals! I know at times it is easier said then done trust me I know, i have put up a few pounds my self due to some stress, however I have decided that i will lose the pounds and feel sexy and pretty. Below are a few celebrity pictures of styles I love, I am not saying lets be someone we are not but lets find our own style or lets guide ourselves from trendsetters. You can put your own style together the importance is to feel good and look good, In my spiritual techniques tips, I say you transmit the vibe of the mood you are in. NOW LETS LOOK FABULOUS!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Love With My Boots

My husband bought me these boots this past week and I can say that I am in love with them, not only are they comfortable but stylish too. I am in love with these Chinese Laundry Boots. I love the way they look over the knee flats.

It`s here! The latest version of our classic over the knee style boot. The small boot heel and elastic gore backing ensure this will be the boot to wear from day to night all season long. You can tuck in your skinny jeans or throw them on with a mini and be ready for just about any occasion. 22` shaft height, 17 1/2` circumference.

Magazine Covers That I am Loving

Kourtney Kardashian, after becoming a mom she has been one of hollywoods favorites. I love her fashion, trend setting ways, she is beautiful and her little bundle of joy Mason si adorable. This cover was done for Baby Talk Magazine, Kourtney talks about her first year of motherhood. Love it.

Scarlett Johanson, whom I thinks is beautiful, she is one of my favorites actress and not only do I love her acting but she is georgous and humble.

Miranda Kerr , Who looks absolutly amazing pregnant. I love this cover.
The Victoria’s Secret model (the first pregnant model to grace the cover of Vogue Australia) showed off her baby bump and talked about her desire to always remember her pregnancy.