• Wear your workout clothes, until you work out. This will keep you in the mood. Remember even work out clothes can make you feel pretty while burning those calories.
  • Little exercises. If you are working online (from home) and have to be sitting 8 hours in front of the computer, then perform little exercises every 10 minutes. Stretch, move, run the stairs or incorporate strength workouts in your schedule.
  • Exercise with your kids. Bond with your kids through exercises. Run with them, walk to the grocery, do something fun with them! The list is endless.
  • Invest in a treadmill. This is one exercise machine that ever household should have. These machines are readily available in workout shops or buy online. While your baby naps or while he/she is watching TV hop on the treadmill and burn the calories even if it is just 25 minutes to start. Give it a try :)
I am not saying that this is easy but I know that with the right goals and dedication, all of you stay at home moms can do this! Simple exercises, try it good luck!!!