Friday, May 29, 2009
EyeBrow Brush

Ladies, I am not sure how much you are a fan of make-up, I know I am... my everyday requires me wearing at least lip gloss. Wednesday, since I was already in new york I went to the Sephora store located in Time Square. I tell you there is something about that specific store that makes it unique from all the other Sephora's, anyway, I purchased a Brow brush, if there is something that i cant leave my house with out is perfecting my eyebrows... long story I will tell in a future blog... This brow brush defines the line of your eyebrows ladies fantastic.
Make up artist always recommend penciling in your eyebrows, and, what better way than with the brush.

What it does:The angled tip is shaped to work on the brow bone, over the lid, and under the orbital bone—that's three uses in one! Turn it at an angle so it can create smaller or larger contours. As opposed to smudging in creases like other brushes, this brush sweeps color with accuracy and can be used on all parts of the eye.
Well then I applied for this card

and being that my birthday was last week I received as a gift 3 very pretty lip gloss. Check it out. I even happen to love the colors and the softness of them.

If you get a chance stop by and get a card and you will receive a free gift too who knows.
Well just wanted to share the beauty purchase with you all.

Simple Tips To Be Happy Right now! Part 2

Simple Tips To Be Happy Right now Part 2.

Continuation from yesterdays post 1-12 Enjoy 13-20.

Tip 13

Socialise and interact with others as much as
possible. Happy people have both more and better
quality relationships. So as well as working to improve
the quality of your relationships (as noted in Tip 12) it’s
also worthwhile working to improve the number of your

Tip 14

Weed out unhelpful thoughts. The Dalai Lama has
been quoted saying that “The central method for
achieving a happier life is to train your mind in a daily
practice that weakens negative attitudes and
strengthens positive ones.” Learn first to identify your
thoughts and then begin to challenge those that are
negative and unhelpful.

Tip 15

Plant happier, optimistic thoughts. As noted in Tip
14, there are two parts to developing helpful, optimistic
thinking. The first is to weed out unhelpful negative
thoughts and the second is to plant more positive,
optimistic ones. This is essentially a skill, and like any
other skill becomes easier and more effective with

Tip 16

Live a healthy life. Eat well and keep active.
Exercise regularly. Although not impossible, it’s
difficult to be happy if you’re constantly sick and not
very healthy.

Tip 17

Ensure you gain adequate sleep and rest.
Consistent with Tip 16, it’s difficult to be happy if you’re
constantly tired and struggling to find enough energy to
get through the day. To assist with this, regularly
practice relaxation and/or meditation strategies.

Tip 18

Manage your time and priorities. Happy people tend
to believe they’re more in control of their lives. In
doing so, they’re more likely to take an active
approach to solving problems. If something’s not quite
right in your life, do something. And further, make sure
that what you’re doing is important. Put first things

Tip 19

Control what you can control. Accept what you
can’t control. And learn to be wise enough to know the

Please apply one or 2 tips to your every day living, this can help you and the people around you live a happier and healthier life :)


A May Moment.

A night in May. lol good times are to always be remembered and cherished this is why I am a true lover of pictures. We never photograph in the bad moments of our lives but for some reason we always tend to remember them.... good times are easily forgotten this is why pictures speak a thousand words and brings back good memories. EMBRACE people, go out there and invest on a camera and start taking memories! I know I do.

Jennifer Lopez, graces the cover of Bazaar Magazine in Japan. Nice she looks beautiful as always.

Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr. She is beautiful.

Thursday, May 28, 2009
I am a bit confused, this picture was taken recently in Miami... I read this was filming for the KUWTK show, but I thought she was recording for her show with her sister, all well. I see she has extensions on here.


Yes, it’s true… I watch reality TV. I watch the Kardashians in all their ridiculous splendor, and have grown to love it. The girls are silly and super bad, but they also appear to be a close family. ( kind of reminds me of me and my sisters but with less crazyness). One of the girls has taken the plunge and chopped off her long locks. Kourtney’s fresh new cut makes her look years younger, and much more modern. Every once and awhile we all need to start fresh. She dumped the loser boyfriend, opened a store in Miami, and got a new look. Well, we LOVE it!! Kourtney… you go girl!

Simple Tips To Be Happy Right now!

Reality is that we do not live in a world where we are happy every single breathing day of our lives... However; at times we let things/obstacles take over our happiness (health, family, friends, kids, money well in a nut shell it can be anything), we are very easy to let anything or anyone be the reason to our unhappiness. well I may not have the solutions to every problem but I do have 20 simple tips to be happy right now... out of the 20 I will post 12 today and 8 tomorrow... hope this can help you, them, me in any way. Stay tune tomorrow for the next 8.

Tip 1

Make happiness a priority. If happiness is not at the
top of your list then other things will take precedence.
If other things take precedence, they may well interfere
with your efforts to feel good.

Tip 2

Make plans to be happy. Those who fail to plan, plan
to fail. Just like in any other life domain, the successful
pursuit of happiness requires planning.

Tip 3

Set happy goals. Following on from Tip 2, planning
requires effective goal setting. And don’t forget to
make sure your goals are SMART (specific,
measurable, achievable, relevant and timed).

Tip 4

Do things that make you happy. Although this
sounds obvious, many people simple forget to do
things from which they gain pleasure. And do them as
often as possible.

Tip 5

Set yourself tasks from which you’ll gain
satisfaction. As well as pleasure and enjoyment,
satisfaction is also an important part of happiness. So
make sure that when you’re planning your tasks and
activities you include things that might not be fun, but
from which you’ll gain a sense of achievement.

Tip 6

Play and have fun. Don’t take life too seriously.
Although we all have responsibilities there’s no reason
why we can’t approach much of our lives in a playful
manner. In fact, those who do so will undoubtedly be

Tip 7

Identify where your strengths lie. Know where your
faults and weaknesses are to avoid problems. Know
where your strengths lie to be really happy and to
succeed in life.

Tip 8

Utilise your strengths. Although we all can and
should endeavour to improve in areas in which we’re
weak there’s just as much, if not more, to be gained
from focusing on the maximal utilisation of your
strengths (including all your positive qualities and

Tip 9

Be curious. Constantly search for new ways to be
happy. Keep a look out for new ways to approach life
and to have fun.

Tip 10

Be grateful and appreciate what you have. We all
have many choices in life one of which is whether to
focus on all the things we don’t have (of which there
might be many), or to focus on all the things we do
have. There’s no doubt, that gratitude and
appreciation will significantly increase your chances of
experiencing happiness.

Tip 11

Learn to like and ideally to love yourself. We must
love before we can be loved. To love others and to be
loved by others is a key component of happiness.

Tip 12

Invest time and energy in to your key
relationships. Happy people spend more time
working on and in their relationships. Happy people
tend to be more supportive of other people in their life.
Happy people are more generous and altruistic.

If we can all apply a few of these tips everyday into our lives we will be much happier, successful, stress free individuals.

Too be continued for our next 8 Tips tomorrow

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miss Kim

What can i say Kim is always looking fabulous there is no questions about it! With cellulite or with out who cares why let that ruin your self esteem. lol I think most of us female have a few.

Celebs In Sight!

Eva and Tony, as it seems they are taking a break from work. Must be nice.

Adriana Lima, one of my fav models is expecting her first baby. Congrats to her.

Must say I love love Beyonces body here so skinny and curvy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kielhl's Anti Oxidant Skin Preservative

I purchased this product today. If you see it some what familiar, this is the moisturizer Kim Kardashian posted and talked about when she had the sun burn going on... according to her this is what cured her. Well this is not the reason why i purchased the product, nor it is because she blogged about it, i actually heard that Kiehl's products are very good and this particular one is great for the summer. I am looking for a good moisturizer that will help my dry areas on my face and can help me with any type of sun burn or even sun tan that I get, since summer is soon approaching I figured why not buy the product and give it a try. This product contains the following:

Highly emollient preparation
Formulated with Vitamins A, C and E
and it is Not tested on animals
This product contains the following key ingredients:
Panthenol is a penetrating moisturizer which absorbs into the skin and hair and is converted into Pantothenic Acid, a B complex vitamin. Assists skin care products in retaining water and also absorbs water from the air, aiding in skin and hair moisturization.
Safflower Oil
SA'flow'r OY-il
Safflower Oil, extracted from the plant's seeds, consists primarily of linoleic acid triglycerides. It is a carrier oil, also considered hydrating to the skin and used in lotions and conditioners.
Once I receive it and use it for about a week I will then keep you posted on how good this product is on my face. Below is the description of the Anti Oxidant Skin Preserver.
Formulated with specific amounts of Vitamins A, C and E, this highly emollient preparation also contains ingredients significant in maintaining the integrity of the skin such as Panthenol, which is recognized for its soothing and reparative benefits. Anti oxidant ingredients in the form of vitamins have been known to have long-term, cumulative effects against skin damage. This moisturizing treatment is best suited for very dry skin types.
Monday, May 18, 2009

Book Club ( My Sister's Keeper)

My Sister's Keeper.
This past weekend our book club member's met for our monthly book club meeting. The book that was chosen was My Sister's keeper. My opinion, this book was remarkable. The writing was outstanding. The story was heartfelt, sad and shocking, it actually made me cry... yes I never thought that by reading a book I could actually tear up. If you are looking for a great read I strongly suggest this one. Ok it is a sad story but the story over all was great. I don't want to talk about it so I don't want to give it away but if you are interested pick one up or if you know me call me I can give you my book.

You may also check out the movie that premiers June 19th... a few of the cast members are Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin.



5 Tips To A Good Job Interview

Happy Monday My Darlings!

Due to today's economy many people have lost their jobs, sadly to say! If you are unemployed and have to jump on the interviewing wagon once again , here are a few tips that can help you refresh your interviewing skills.

Stay tune for how to dress when going on an interview.

1. Have all of the basic facts about yourself properly rehearsed in your mind. These include education, hobbies, interests and previous work experience. Try to slant what you say about your education, your interests and the roles you've had in your jobs to date to show why you would be the ideal candidate for this job.

2.Reinforce your job application with real evidence of what you've done in previous jobs. Don't just give a basic one or two word description of your role - elaborate on it. Give specific descriptions of individual aspects of the work you did. Again, try to emphasize examples of tasks you performed that would make you perfect for the job you've applied for.

3. Make sure you demonstrate enthusiasm for the job you're being interviewed for. Remember, the interviewer is looking for someone they feel will be ideally suited to the role advertised. If you come across as having very little interest in the position, do you think you'll be offered it? Make sure you do your research on the company offering the job and the job role itself so that you give a good impression of your knowledge at the interview.

4. Before you get to the interview work out the kinds of skills and qualities you feel you would need to carry out the job you're applying for and think of as many good examples as you can of how you've demonstrated these in your work and private life to date.

5. Make an effort with your appearance. Remember, first impressions are the only impressions the interviewer is going to have of you, so go all out to make those first impressions count. Think about the kind of character qualities and personality qualities you think someone good at the job you've applied for would demonstrate, and try to come across at the interview as having those qualities.

There you have it... five tips that will put you ahead of most of your competition at any job interview. Be prepared, be enthused, look good, have the knowledge you need, and be confident... you will land the job of your dreams in no time!

Hopefully this can help at least one person out there that may have lost his/her job and need some pointers on the interviewing scene.



The Parkers

Eva and Tony Parker. She is wearing the same exact jumpsuit I have the grey express suit I had posted pics wearing mine back in my March posts.


Jennifer, as always looking fabulous... I love her fashion sence and the look she has in the pics below... I ordered similar pants.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Over the Rainbow

I was at my son's baseball game Tuesday evening, when it started to rain, after a few minutes of pouring rain the rainbow came out. I couldn't help my self but take a picture of the rainbow. I know the cloud dose not look pretty but the rainbow dose.


A Beach Book.

Last month I posted a beach read book. This month I came across Hollywood Car Wash. My darling, like I have posted before these book make a good pool side/ beach book.
Here is a little info on the novel.
Hollywood Car Wash is a novel about a young actress who finds herself thrust into the Hollywood industry machine, reshaped, renamed and dating a star with a big secret. Does that sound familiar? Katie Holmes is reportedly beside herself about the situations in the book which eerily mirror her own life and, although Culwell doesn't specifically name Holmes as an inspiration, she does say that the book is based on real events.
I am not too sure if what it is said is true, some how this book is being related to Katie Holmes, I am no one to say it is for I don't know the girl and her personal life, for me this is just a book to read. Maybe I will go and purchase this book since I have a pool at home I can sit and relax and enjoy the book.


a step-by-step guide to organizing your closet for summer

.1) Clear out strictly winter apparel By "winter apparel" I mean the stuff you absolutely won't be wearing this summer. This could include cashmere sweaters, warm scarves, boots, woolen socks, parkas, and thick vests. If you won't wear them, get them out of sight. This will clear up room in your closet so that you may begin to organize properly. Go through each item, and set aside those that belong solely to the "cold-weather" category. Depending on what storage you have available, put them somewhere that they will be safe until next winter. This could be a cedar-lined closet, a spare rack of clothing in your attic, a spare closet in your house, or even tucked away neatly in cardboard boxes.

2) Pitch what you don't want/need/like If you won't wear it, shouldn't wear it, or can't wear it, then you absolutely do not need it taking up space in your closet. Period. End of story.Give it away to the Salvation Army, a friend of similar size, dump it. Do whatever you want with these items, but if you don't need them than do not keep them.They say a rule of thumb is that if you haven't worn it in the last year, than pitch it. I'm not sure if this is totally fair, but if you find yourself unable to discern the valuable from the very awful, than adhere to it.

3) Bring in the summer clothing This seems like a given, but make sure to transfer your summer clothes into your closet. Duh.

4) Re-organize your storage Step back and take a good look at your closet. Can you see everything? Do you know where everything is? Is it arranged logically?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions, you are purely human. It is time to take action. Figure out an order of things that makes sense for you. This could be arranging them by color (very hard to maintain), by item (skirts-slacks-shirts-etc...), or by formality (most casual to dressiest).

Is everything fitting in nicely? If not then you might want to pick up some smaller hangers. I personally love Huggable Hangers, as I believe I have mentioned in a previous post. They'll compress the amount of space taken up by hangers in your closet, leaving significantly more room for your clothes to breathe. Another tip is to buy spare hooks for your closet door. These are a big help! You can save room and hang up anything on these from purses to robes to coats.

Now go attack your closet! Get excited for summer 09.


Night out with my besties!

My girlfriends and I went to Whisky Blue Lounge In New York City! Beautiful upscale place, if you are looking to just have drinks, chat with the friends and listen to some music while looking fabulous this is the place to go! .... there was no crazy dancing going on. I loved it!


Celebs In Sight

The Dash Ladies!

The Longoria Parkers