Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Every Day

Good Evening!
I wanted to take a moment to motivate, inspire & encourage you. I know that We all want nothing but the best for ourselves and our future. Whether you have started your healthy & fit journey or perhaps you are trying to get motivated to begin. Either way it is a choice that only you can make and work at. There are times that you may feel like there is not much progress happening. Because we live in a "I want it now" society we expect instant noticeable results. Yes, that would be awesome if that were the case. But we live in this wonderful world called reality. The hardest and more rewarding thing you can obtain in your journey is focus. If you can stay focused, everything else will be a breeze. So know that you are on the right path...just stay focused for speed bumps and detours.
Photo: Good Morning Fit Friends!
Sitting I class waiting for it to begin and I wanted to take a moment to motivate, inspire & encourage you. I know that We all want nothing but the best for ourselves and our future. Whether you have started your healthy & fit journey or perhaps you are trying to get motivated to begin. Either way it is a choice that only you can make and work at. There are times that you may feel like there is not much progress happening. Because we live in a "I want it now" society we expect instant noticeable results. Yes, that would be awesome if that were the case. But we live in this wonderful world called reality. The hardest and more rewarding thing you can obtai in your journey is focus. If you can stay focused, everything else will be a breeze. So know that you are on the right path...just stay focused for speed bumps & detours.

Now, go be AWESOME today!

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Celebs Out & About

Celebs Out & About

Victoria's style is my #1

Jessica Alba 

Lauren Conrad 

Jennifer and Casper

Kourtney Looks amazing 

Jessica Biel

One of my favorites Kate B

Rachel Bilson


My #1 Smach favorite Katheryn

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Motivational Thursday

Starting my day with love & light!!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Fifty-Seventh Inaugural Ceremony

Congratulations to our President. 
Today was the swearing in ceremony for our President Barack H. Obama

Today we celebrated the Fifty-Seventh Inaugural ceremony.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Shakira Pregnancy Photo

How amazingly beautiful does Shakira look.  

 The beautiful photo is part of the couple's virtual baby shower, hosted by UNICEF, which will allow fans to purchase gifts and donate money for children who are far less fortunate around the world. 

Those who purchase a gift or make a donation to the charity, will receive a personal "Thank You" video message from the sexy Latin couple.  

"Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children that we do. Yet many don't share the same opportunities. Together we know we can change that," Shakira said in a statement about the UNICEF virtual baby shower. 

Seriously, they make one great-looking couple -- we can't wait to see their beautiful baby when he or she finally gets here! 

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Work & Stress

As some of you may know, I recently started a new job.  Life as I see it, is moving on and experiencing new things and opportunities.  Sometimes things turn out for the better and other times it may not.  Well, my new job is taking a lot of my energy!!!  Yes I know it's an office job, but it's still super stressful.  I am overwhelmed by all the information I have had to endure.  I have been with this company for less than 3 weeks humm maybe 2 1/2 at this point, much to my dismay, my manager resigned, and the girl I am replacing will no longer be part of the company as of next week.  Yes, stress has kicked in high gear as of next week I will be working alone with no one to ask questions other than my VP and President... and who wants to ask them questions??? I am working with systems that if an error occurs on my part I can cause the company thousands of dollar... who needs this pressure and stress in their life? certainly not me but some-how I'm stressed.

I have come to realize that work-related stress affects a huge number of people (its affecting me in my new job), causing health problems that often need not arise. I have put together a few suggestions below that can help me as well as any of you who are going through the same situation I am. with this said,  If you find yourself affected by stress during the nine-‘till-five grind, there are a number of simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of getting wound up at work.  Read below:

Getting  organized
Draw up a ‘to do’ list and prioritize your workload. Make a start on the important tasks as early as possible so that you can do the best job possible in the allotted time frame. As tempting as it can be to get ‘the easy stuff’ out of the way early, leave the low-priority jobs until later otherwise you’ll inevitably find yourself running out of time when it comes to the main tasks. Also try to stick to one task at a time – don’t get crazy trying to do five things at once.

Don’t suffer in silence
If you’re getting snowed under with task after never-ending task at work, make sure you talk to somebody sooner rather than later. It’s no good suffering in silence as that helps nobody – you get stressed out and the work either doesn’t get done in time or it gets rushed and carried out to a poor standard. Tell your line manager or employer if you need extra time to complete a task – or request that somebody else takes on some of the workload, if you are lucky you have co-workers to help.

Learn to say ‘no’
If a task you’re being asked to undertake is unrealistic, say so. Don’t just accept the work in an attempt to appease your boss and worry about the consequences later, as this can lead to extremely stressful situations. This is a particularly big problem for people who are new in their job, who want to either impress their boss or avoid being seen as somebody who is not  trying hard enough.

Take a break
Even if you have a deadline on the horizon, it’s important that you take regular breaks from the task at hand. Sitting in the same place for hours on end working on the same job isn’t particularly productive, especially if your stress levels are rising. Take regular walks or drink breaks to refresh yourself.

Look at the big picture
If you find yourself in a situation that is causing you stress at work, try and take a step back and put it in perspective. Is this a problem that will have genuinely long-lasting effects? Will it really matter in a week or a month? Chances are that the answer is no. If so, tell yourself that it’s not really worth getting so upset about. And like my situation if things are not working out and stress is taking the best of you then like my self you should consider changing jobs.

Good luck!


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year!

Wow, January is here and we are almost half way through! amazing how time is going by so quickly.  I hope that we all have an amazing New Year !! If situations and circumstances didn't allow your new year to start in the right direction, I hope you find the path to a solution that will lead you in the path of happiness.

In love with this man!!

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Kim and Kanye New Home

As we all know by now Kim and Kanye, are expecting!! Congratulations to them.  2013 started of great for the couple not only are they over the moon with the baby but they recently purchased their new home in Bel Air.  Check out the pictures. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Hollywood Glam

Upside of Fashion

I have this love for old Hollywood glam, I love everything from the clothes, to the make-up to the jewelry  which brings me to the fabulous rings worn. This has made me want to look more into their history.  I just adore women who wear big bold rings. Something about them just screams glitz and glam. These rings make me think 1920s jazz or flapper girls. The films and party photos of old Hollywood glamour may have something to do with it.

I wanted to learn more about this mesmerizing band worn by the glitteratzi... so this is what I learned. The cocktail ring was popular in the 1940s and '50s, during the US prohibition, illegal cocktail parties were all the rage! Such a ring flaunted not only the fact that one was drinking illegally, but also that one was doing it with style. Generally women would wear them on their pinky finger of their right hand, thus being referred to as right hand rings. The more precious stones, particularly diamonds, the more you stood out. Now a days, cocktail rings are usually sold in costume jewelry shops and are made out of faux stones. Your best bet to find a precious right hand ring is to ask your grammy or go to an estate sale (I know it's sad to think that you are buying off a dead woman but if not you someone else will, plus she would want you to wear it and pass on her style) I could see a whole room of Jacki-o Skeletons green with envy cause you got to have Aunt Judiths famous amethysts.  This winter season you better flaunt it like your drunk off illegal moonshine, not only at the fanciest of cocktail parties but on the street, in the park, and while sleeping. Wear them over gloves and pretend it's your coming out party everyday. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Office Ethics and Etiquette

In honor of my new job, I decided to post on office etiquette. Have you changed jobs to a more conservative office environmentIf you want to change your professional life for the better, start taking specific and with measurable results action. Talk is cheap, action is priceless. Finding a balance of showing off your personality and maintaining office etiquette is the key to gaining respect and building a solid team.  I just started a new job at an office environment  I have worked in offices for over 12 years now, which makes this post very easy to me.

Remembering the importance of etiquette for the office and putting your best manners into practice can set the stage for years of success. Remember these tips to keep your office etiquette at its peak and your work relationships solid.
  • Dress appropriate, leave the sexiness and cleavage showing for your own personal time.
  • Take responsibility. (For mistakes and successes) We are human and we will make mistakes.
  • Remember good restroom office etiquette and do not cough and sneeze in the direction of others – go to the bathroom, use tissues, cover your mouth. (Better yet – if you’re sick, stay home!)
  • Always silence your cell phone and remember to do this every day. 
  • Be helpful, courteous, and polite.
  • This is a must, keep your work area organized and cleaned. 
  • Be sensitive about what you bring for lunch. If your lunch has a strong scent consider eating in the lunchroom or outside rather than at your desk.
  • Be respectful when on speakerphone, remember others are also trying to focus and concentrate on their jobs.
  • Skip the gossip and stay honest and true, work ethics goes a long way.
  • E-mails don't forget, sending emails in all caps will confuse and create drama, all caps should be use only when work demands it, other than this good grammar and appropriate caps is a must.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Proud Of Eva Longoria

I believe I have expressed in previous blogs, how I admire and proud I am of being a  Eva Longoria fan.  Below is an interview with her given by CNN, Eve talks about all she does when it comes to supporting and helping her latinas.  

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New Year! Which One Are you?

As I was browsing through the web, I came across this article, I thought it was great and wanted to share it with you all.

Our lives cycle through a constant series of expansions and contractions–and, if you become attuned to it, you’ll see that on something of a regular schedule, there is a macro-level expansion, followed by a macro-level contraction, that affects every category of your life: career, family, health, relationships and more.

These seasons (seasons of life, that is) can be felt as a subtle undercurrent in the body, before the external evidence that they’ve arrived has even presented itself.
During expansion, there is growth–new connections, new friendships, new information, new opportunities, new inspirations and a lot of output. Everything is inhaling wider and life is abuzz with activity circling a new project–whether that’s a “get healthy after being diagnosed with an illness” project or a creative flourishing.
Expansion is not always optimistic or filled with “good” circumstances, so much as it’s a time when a lot is happening at once, and you dance along the line–but not quite over the line–of overwhelm. Something within you seems to be incredibly responsive in a way that is different from all the other times, times when you might have broken down in response to a new stress.
It can be an exciting time when the expansion is accompanied by happier circumstances, a time where work doesn’t even always feel like “work,” as much as it feels like dancing wildly backwards, and laughing at the zany craziness of it all.
Moleskin notebooks get filled with writing that process grief, or post-it notes with new creative ideas line the bottom of the computer screen. Energetic or creative output is running on all cylinders.
Then there’s contraction.
Contraction is a time of going inward. There is evaluation of all of the new things that have come in during the cycle of expansion–what fits? What no longer works? Alongside the evaluation there’s confusion, uncertainty. There’s less output and more input. When my own life is going through a time of contraction, I seem to release friendships, spend more time reading and studying (input) than writing and sharing (output), and–gulp–make less money, because my ideas are marinating within me and productivity is down.
Contraction is quieter. There’s more listening. You’ll likely crave silence. You might want to give away everything you own, pare down, keep things really simple. Things that once seemed important might seem less-so, the urgency diminished.
Contraction & Fear
Times of contraction used to scare the shit out of me (confession: sometimes, if I’m running too many Stories, they still can).
My own life seems to recycle itself to one or the other on an annual basis, seemingly out of the bounds of my control. 2010? Growth. 2011 (inward). 2012? Growth. So–2013? Oy. I admit to some nervous apprehension.
I can feel it all over my life, already – the pull towards contraction. It shows up in the inclination to spend the day on the sofa surrounded by books, the consideration of a new creative project without the impulse to take action, the prioritizing of yoga.
When your life is stepping into contraction, you’ll feel it in your body and your bones: the pull to assimilate and integrate rather than flourish outwardly. The call to be taught, rather than to teach; to listen rather than to speak.
The Hungry Ghost
The apprehension we feel about times of contraction is rooted in a scarcity mentality.
The “hungry ghost” is that Buddhist term for when something external is desired, but even in the attainment of it, it’s never “enough.” It’s the “hungry ghost” voice within that says, “But you’ve worked so hard; you’ve come so far. How can you…sit back and read books? Take time off of work? Not plan out a series of profitable business projects for 2013? That would be crazy. If you want this lucky streak to continue, you’ve got to work harder.”
You can fit this dialogue to your will: How can you…not enroll your kids in all of those extra-curricular activities? Volunteer to take on that extra project for the boss? Organize the garage after you’ve sworn you’d do it? Work as hard as you’ve been working to be more compassionate or patient?
The expansion cycle, as it gives way to a contraction cycle, can feel unwieldy, maybe a little painful.
But here’s what I’ve learned about these expansion-contraction cycles: The natural rhythms of life are going to play themselves out anyway.
Trying not to follow the very alive current during an expansion season? Just about impossible. The requests for your time or the calls to action will flood in, until you can’t ignore them or resist them. When you update your friends on your life, they won’t believe it’s only been a week since you last spoke; so much has happened. If you’re in a creative flow, the words and message flow with ease.
By contrast, I’ve learned that if I ignore the internal signs of a contraction season at work, and if I push to do a lot during a contraction season, I won’t get much done, anyway.
Whatever I do get done during a contraction season is going to be like pulling teeth–and the quality isn’t going to be as good. For me, it’s not the inner critic saying this; I’ve reviewed writing from such seasons and can see, really clearly, how it’s as if I were writing “around” the truth during a time of contraction, instead of honing right in on my target as I do so easily during times of expansion.
At such times, it can feel like the cosmic joke is on you: you’re doing all the things you did so well during an expansion season, but the Midas touch is…gone. You’re pushing yourself to function at the same level of productive output–whether it’s for a creative project or to “be there” for others during a time of crisis, and…you can’t.
And yes–this can feel slightly devastating, confusing and (really) scary. It can feel so out-of-control.
Going With the Flow
Breathe in–expansion–hold it. Keep holding it. Notice how awfully uncomfortable it is to keep holding it, until you simply can’t, any longer. You exhale. You can’t help it.
Working against the natural rhythm of the exhale is effort.
Try exhaling, but not inhaling. Notice the same–how you’re working against the natural inclination to bring the breath in, and when you finally can’t hold yourself back any longer and you breathe in…relief floods the body.
Everything in the world is changeable, and there are micro- and macro- cycles of expansion at work in the body, with our finances, within our relationships, with our cells and biochemistry, with our creativity, with our personal and spiritual growth.
If you want to suffer less, you’ve got to “go with the flow.”
If life is calling for you to expand, you can resist the call for as long as you like, but every sign around you is going to be calling you forth. Sometimes, the call forth will come in a way that feels painful–like getting laid off as the final push to do the work you know you’re meant to do, or a relationship will hit its final straw, and that’s what gets you to move towards your new paramour.
So–pay attention to the clues, and go with that flow. Notice what happens when you start saying “YES” to what life seems to be ushering you towards.
If life is calling for contraction, you can resist that call, too–if you wish. In our productivity-oriented society, most people resist this call and it typically leads to burn-out, illness, numbing-out, depression. Most people who are feeling “stuck” think they need to work harder or “do” something to relieve themselves to get “un-stuck.” In fact, they’re “stuck” because they have been ignoring the cues for rest.
To them, also: notice what happens when you start saying “YES” to what life seems to be ushering you towards.
It’s in joining with the natural rhythm of our lives that we can discover the truth: the expansion has its place, as does the contraction. Neither place needs to involve suffering, unless we set it up that way by going against what everything seems to call to us to do–unless we try to inhale with exhaling, or exhale without inhaling.
Look around at your life, your world, as the calendar year changes, as the seasons change. What’s it calling you towards? Expansion, or contraction?
Article by Kate Swoboda

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Weekly Bargin Buy

My weekly Bargin is this very pretty Max Mara black blouse, that I purchase to go to work. The price was 30.00. Not bad right??
Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Celebs Out & About

Kim, Kris and Kanye

Ringing in the New Years

Kim & Kanye look great together.

I love my Jennifer

Jessica Vacationing in Hawaii 

Kate  always looking fab

How beautiful is this picture.  Jessica looks great

Life has been quite for Eva Mendez

Jennifer Aniston and her Fiance 

Shakira and her baby bump.

Love Sphia Bush

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a healthy Happy New Year! may 2013 bring you all lots of love, health, wealth, glamour and success. 


Happy Holidays Lovies

I'm SO excited because this year end I get to spend it with my love, my new beau! We've been in a relationship for a few months now! What a fun way to spend the Holidays!

I wanted to write to you today because Christmas just passed and the New Year is around the corner.  It's that time of year again where we start thinking about what's most important to us and also - what we want to create next year.

According to experts people   "Most people fail in adhering to their stated New Year's resolutions. Specifically, 22% fail after one week, 40% after one month, 50% after three months, 60% after six months, and 81% after twenty-four months."

We may wonder why? well simple, because they don't have a compelling reason to stay the course. It's more of a wish than a resolution. 

I did some research on how we can stay on track with our resolutions and this is what I came a crossed. 

We are going to do something so much more powerful than just setting resolutions or another goal. We are going to dive deep into the resistance about why you aren't making your goals come true and take clear action to kick that resistance in the butt.
Instead of resolution let's just call it Living your true passion and purpose!

We are not going to set goals from your ego, but rather - your Soul. We don't need to set another silly goal to prove how great you are, or to make your parents proud. We are going to get clear on WHO you are, WHY you were born and what your Divine GIFT is that you are meant to give this planet.

And we are going to create a CLEAR and REALISTIC road map to make your Soul's Goals a reality! No more wishing. No more hoping.

Follow your soul and and instead of resolution make it an intention or a purpose. 

Don't let another year go by ignoring your purpose, ignoring your Soul's calling - living in the false sense of security that your comfort zone gives you. Make 2013 the year that you break out and break free!