Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning How To Pack Light & Look Fabulous

I'll admit it. I'm what you would call a "girly-girl". I like to dress up, I'm most comfortable in heels, and, ironically, I don't feel quite myself when I'm not wearing at least a little makeup (and yes, I am fully aware of how ridiculous that is). I need to be prepared for any situation and, frankly, we just have way more options than you men. But, if you're lugging your own suitcase, those few extra pairs of shoes get old really quickly. Here's my top five tips for packing a bag full of style that YOU can actually carry. Nothing is more relaxing than a summer vacation, but nothing is more stressful than wondering what to pack. Below are a few tips that can help you.

1. Load up on accessories.Accessories can instantly dress up any outfit and they're light. So, go ahead and go overboard packing earrings, jewelry, and things for your hair. You won't regret having plenty of choices.

2. Limit your shoes.
This is very hard for me to say but shoes are the easiest thing to pack incorrectly. It's tempting to bring those cute strappy heels, but be realistic. If you're walking a lot, you're not going to be wearing those shoes. I can't count how many times I've packed a bunch of shoes, only to wear one or two pairs the entire trip. If you want something fancy, choose your most versatile black heels. And if you still feel like you need more options find a cute flat or (flip flop for those that like them to walk around, this is a fashion no no) that will at least take up less room, I am not a flip flop girl but I do know that many Americans are.

3.Think Small with Makeup.
Another case where it's easy to overdo is with your makeup. Pack your gear for your daily routine, add an extra eyeshadow and call it a day. If you can downsize your makeup, do it.

4. Bags and Purses.

Just like shoes, it's easy to pack too many purses ( I have this syndrome). Our rule of thumb is to stick with two basics: a large purse that can double as a carry on bag and a small black bag for nights out on the town. Think about your plans and pack what you think will work best. And again, if you can't resist an extra bag....make sure it's small!

Hope you can take few of these tips and apply them to your next vacation. I am trying to learn and following some guidelines. I am a packer!



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