Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner Date

Who are we kidding, with such busy schedules in our lives and different work hours, at times we forget what truly is important and that is the one on one with the husband. Dating your husband involves setting aside time for things like candlelight dinners and not losing sight of the romanticism of the first few dates. Planning dates with your husband is a must. Ladies let's face it, most of our husbands are not this romantic love, we see on TV and in the movies, some where I read that if your spouse he is not romantic, then you will need to do all the romantic things and eventually he will learn., humm not sure how much truth to it is but this will never hurt to try.

Tonight I have a dinner date with my husband, a one on one. We must always try to make it work and teach one another!


Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Such great advice. I really need to set up a date with my hubby.

I' m following from bloggy moms.

Griselle said...

Yes we all do, we can not forget our hubby's need time too. lol

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