Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekly Bargain Buy

This week Bargain Buy!!

I decided to start a weekly bargain buy, where I purchase any item for a great price and share it with you!

This weekend I will be attending to a friends wedding, and we all know what this means!!! Shopping therefore; we need the following: dress, shoes, bag, jewls well we need it all.  I already purchased my dress and all etc, I will be wearing my Christian Louboutin nude peep toe shoes... now I need a bag hummm!! Last night I decided to take a trip to the mall and check to see what I can come across using my creativity and  with out spending to much money.  One walk led to the other and I ended up at H&M (love them). Browsing around I found this amazing clutch that goes fantastic with my shoes!!

H & M Clutch for $24.99

 I am not  accessoring  my clutch with this outfit!! It is just to see how it looks from a far.

Hope you enjoy my bargain buy for this week.


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