Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tips On Feeling Sexy

How to look sexier is a question if or when we are feeling a bit down about our state of dress.  Dressing sexier is not about dressing provocative.  Sexiness come from attitude but most important is confidence in your self.  Below are some ways to look and feel sexier! 

1. Good posture- can do wonders for your appearance.  Remember walk tall and keep your shoulders back and your head up high

2. What you wear underneath - Wearing bras that do not fit you and under wears can end up causing lumps and bumps.  You can overcome by wearing a well fitted undergarment.

3.  Wearing fitted clothes - You want to look sexy, well your clothes plays a huge part. To look and feel sexy you do not have to wear revealing clothes, feeling sexier is much more of how your clothes fits.  Nothing screams unsexy more than clothes 3 sizes smaller than your actual size.

4. Workout- working out will not only help your body look better and but this boost your endorphin levels as well.  You will not just look better you will feel better too!

5. Makeup-  Go bold darling!! nothing screams sexy than a tube of red lipstick.. an age old fabourite. if red lips isn't your thing, try a sexy smokey eye put the sexy in your eyes.

This works for me hopefully it can work for you as well.

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