Friday, April 30, 2010

Niki Taylor

Favorite Picture Of the Day!Not only do I claim this picture to be my favorite of the week, but it's Niki Taylor, from my teenage years... Seventeen magazine favorite model... Remember her. I love her. She looks amazing. My hero.
Most moms like me, might struggle to lose post-pregnancy pounds with two growing sons in the house. Niki Taylor says of her 15-year-old twins, Hunter and Jake. “They eat cinnamon rolls, cereal — basically teenager food.” But Taylor, 36, stuck to her own mom food — a healthy diet of oatmeal sprinkled with berries, and chicken broiled in coconut oil — that has helped the model lose 59 lbs. — going from 197 lbs. to 138 lbs. — since giving birth to her daughter Ciel, now 13 months. (Dad is race car driver Burney Lamar, 29).
If Taylor finds herself craving a cinnamon roll too, she limits herself to one bite — or else.
“If I have dessert, I spend a half an hour more exercising,” says the 5’11″ model, who spends 30 minutes a day doing cardio — walking, jogging or on a gym treadmill. “So I would rather just have the bite than work out an hour!”

Hunter, Burney, Ciel, Niki and Jake – Russ Harrington for PEOPLE
As for weight training? Well, that’s just a part of motherhood. “I’m lifting a 25-lb. baby, her stroller and a diaper bag,” she says. “That’s a workout.”
She looks great, my winner of the week!



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I have that little play park!

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Cool, girl you live the celeb life.

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