Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Read

I was in search of a good, fun summer, beach read type of book, and of course with the passion I have for fashion, clothes the trends, I came across this book, by Victoria Beckham, whom is considered to be one of Hollywood Biggest Fashionista and Trend setter.
The book is called "The Extra Half An Inch"
Here are the Synopsis:

Victoria Beckham, the international fashion icon, has moved to L.A. and she's brought her style to America. Already a phenomenal bestseller in the U.K., That Extra Half an Inch contains Victoria's favorite haunts and personal tips for looking and feeling your best -- all in a fabulous handbag-sized edition
If you are similar to me and you are in love with fashion and would like a fun book to read, I recommend this book.
Enjoy and happy readings!

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