Friday, August 17, 2012

Bonding With Your Kids

Most of us have precious few hours with our kids at night.  Trust me as a full time working mom for over 12 years, I had to learn to make the most of our time together at night.

Gadgets- must go off. Establish one hour or more of teach- free time.  When computers, gadgets, games and tv's are off, families are almost forced to interact.

Dinner-   Even if dinner is for 10-15 minutes make sure phones are off, I use mealtimes as a gathering opportunity.  My kids and I, normally take this time to talk about our day, school, work, sports or and even each other.  I truly love it and cherish these moments.  In our house dinner together is very important.

Day Recap- As cheesy as it may sound at night before bed, we do a re-cap of our day.  We discuss our favorite and least favorite part of our day.  We can discuss and solve. I love it.

Hope you enjoy my 3 tip on bonding with your children.  I do this every day with my children.

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