Monday, June 15, 2015

Kristen Cavallari

Good Morning friends. 

Since, I am a new mommy, (not for the first time but after a few years) I am into all mom stuff.  As I do my morning internet browsing, I went on to site, which is one of my favorite.  I came across Kristen Cavallari, 6 unscripted hours.  Not to take away from the site (which you can go on and read the entire interview) I wanted to post a few pictures of this 6 hours unscripted with Kristen.

As per pictures were taken in the couples Nashville, Tennessee, gated community home. 

 I enjoy reading about Kristine, I feel she came a long way since her bad girl Laguna Beach  and The Hills days.  She is a mother of 2 beautiful boys and also expecting her third child. Love how she has become a mother who cares for her children and also cares for herself just as much.   She now has a book titled 'Balancing In Heels', which will contain topics ranging from "mommy" to "wife" to health and business.  (looking forward to purchasing this book). 

Below are more pictures of the Cutlers and their beautiful home.

Check it out by visiting 

photos courtesy of

Fabulous Fashion Mom Always In Heels

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