Thursday, June 25, 2015

Out Door Thoughts

Out Door Thoughts

Before the sun makes it's way into the day, my alarm goes on at around 6 am , No it's not your normal wake up alarm, its my 8 month old baby! He is my rise and shine.

Now that  thankfully summer has found it's way to us. I have decided to take the opportunity and go for walks, when I can. Would love to do this every morning  but the what ifs are overwhelming, amplified by the growing demands in the workplace and home  were there is too much to do, too little time, and not enough focus, anyway all of this can be stressful and overwhelming ,but nevertheless; we should make time.

What's special about walks?  Well, there are tons of reasons.  here is why,  for one an early morning walk can be soothing, for example, sunrise gives me pause to welcome the day, welcome what's to come, welcome the unknown. Why not take advantage and go for it...It can really change up the mood to a better day. Morning walks, afternoon walks... what ever time you can, this is beneficial for many reasons, health being one of them, but for me I can go far in my thoughts, and think about everything and anything, I tell you,  It's unreal the life changing thoughts that lingers in my head, and sometimes changes may be off, but I can internally debate the pros and cons of whatever my decisions may be. This is peaceful and great for me.

I would love to do this more often.  I hope that tomorrow when you wake up and see the sun, shine through your window and the birds signing, this can make you go for a walk and have a day with your thoughts.


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