Monday, February 1, 2016

How To Get Your Monday Started

How To Get Started

Yes, I know, we all dislike Monday, for a lack of a better word.  Monday's can be mayhem or exciting depending in which way you look at it.

How can we get our week started, how do we motivate ourselves for the week ahead?

Here are 3 Simple Techniques

Always make sure you go to bed, with a nice soothing clean room. This helps the mood. Fill your room with scents, colors you like etc. 

Tech 1.
The Sky has no limit- therefore stretch your body.  This will help loosen up your joints. Take 3 minutes of quiet time to reflect and take in the week ahead. Releasing stress and concerns,  and thinking about the good thing you can do this week, slowly as you stretch and meditate inhale and exhale as you contract.

Tech 2.
Allow your mind to wonder and as previously blogged, write down your thoughts and feelings about those good memories.  This can boost up your Monday.

Before your cup of coffee, have a glass of water first.

Tech 3.
Exercising in the morning is another form of boosting up your day and your metabolism.  If you can and have time a morning workout can be the fix and or the picker upper of your Monday.

Tech 4.
Concentrate on important task one at a time, and allow yourselves enough time to get ready.  It helps you to have a morning blastoff.

Tech 5.
Last but not least. There is nothing more motivating than getting started, with a project or plan even better a habit. There is the excitement and freshness as you are about to get going. Take these and apply and your Monday will be a lot better.

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