Monday, January 30, 2017


Happy Monday Friends!

Starting my week on a positive productive way.

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The way you start your Monday can affect the rest of your day, and sometimes the week, everything from your mindset to your productivity.  Why not set your self up for success by incorporating some simple tips into your Monday routine.  This will help you kick off the week in a positive way.

Wake up, take about 5 minutes or less and meditate on the word or just focus on your breathing.  If you have your working out regimen after your meditation do your workouts.  make sure you start your week with a clean home, for me when everything is organized and in it's place, it totally de-clutters my mind and helps me be more productive in everything I do.

Start your productive week on obviously a Monday morning.  Have a schedule, or what most of us call our "to do's" although situations and things will come up unexpectedly having a schedule can help you with keeping your self on track.

Do not procrastinate, the sooner you tackle things the better.  Getting the harder task out of the way first will alleviate, you mentally and will help getting the other task done quicker.

Most important is schedule and protect time always.  Starting the work week with a clarity on your goals along with a clear plan of action and enough time scheduled to execute them will feel good and will always have a positive impact on your productivity result for the week.

Remember, a good Monday doesn't start once you arrive at the office, it starts as soon as you open your eyes.

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