Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This season we see yet another trend that has gathered pace from 2009. The jumpsuit and playsuit came out of nowhere last Spring/Summer along with other looser styles such as the harem pants. This season, both the jumpsuit and playsuit are back and more versatile than ever, with a massive array of styles, lengths, cuts and colours available for you to indulge. There is guaranteed to be one out there which would be perfect for your wardrobe, whether you go for a sleek and chic black jumpsuit or a more flirty short floral playsuit.

The best feature of both of these items is that they can be worn by women of any size and height. You can opt for close fitting body con versions if you are proud of the time you have put in at the gym, or looser almost harem styles if you are body conscious. The length of the garment can also vary from the short playsuit which is perfect for those looking to accenuate and lengthen their legs, or long length jumpsuits for those who are lucky enough to have the long legs to pull it off – and if you do, then you are bound to be noticed!
So what type of jumpsuit/playsuit should you be rocking this year?


As mentioned above, if you have curves or are body conscious then go for a halter jumpsuit belted in firmly at the waist in order to give you that womanly shape. Obviosuly sexy black numbers will keep your look sexy and chic, but also help you appear slimmer.

Shorter women should wear with ultra-tall heels in order to cancel out the “frump factor”. Shorter length playsuits will also suit your petite frame better as it will show more leg and give the appereance of length when matched with heels.

Sporty drawstring details add definition to the look whilst also allowing you to hit the whole Sports Luxe trend which is massive this year.

Inject a touch of glamour with sequinned separates such as short cardigans or shawls which will draw attention to your outfit.

Belting the Jumpsuit/Playsuit high up around the waist gives the effect of curves and is particularly effective for skinny frames which lack them. It is also a good idea to use belts to break up the top and bottom half, giving some separation to the all-in-one” outfit.

Look for statement versions this year which have all the on trend detailling; we are thinking pleats and ruffles, whilst there are a few more asymmetric cut styles available this year as well. If you are going to purchase an embellished version to really make a statement, make sure you pair it with more muted accessories in order to keep the outfit understated instead of in your face.

If you are high street shopping then don’t be put off jumpsuits when you see a shapeless mess on the hanger. These are definitely items which look better on, and when you fill it your outfit will suddenly come to life.

If you are worried about your bum or the back of your outfit in general why not pair your jumpsuit/playsuit with a long line cardigan which will give you more confidence when stepping out.


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