Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I am Currently Loving!

Today i felt like blogging about some of the products i am currently using.

My Day Body Cream

Omg, this not only smells delish but it makes your body feel as if you were a baby.. soft and tender.

A gentle luxurious moisturizing body lotion Helps promote a smoother & softer body skin Contains exclusive ingredients to revitalize your skin Lightweight creamy texture melts easily into skin Keeps skin comfortable & hydrated throughout the day Leaves skin with a soft comforting & lingering scent Perfect for all skin types

Eye Cream

This eye cream is very good I have been using this for a short period of time but so far it has been great, I needed this due to the dryness around my eyes... FYI- this can cause wrinkles so ladies always use eye cream before bed and when you wake up.

Chanel UC LINE REPAIR Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate
Lightweight sheer gel texture delivers intensive anti-wrinkle action as it 'plumps' the skin.
Face foundation
My face foundation
I use this foundation and it almost feels as if I have nothing on my face just a smooth clear skin, this is why I am currently loving this product.
More than a foundation, this unique formula is the consummate skin-caring makeup. Not only does it beautifully even out your skin tone as it helps deliver essential hydration, but firming polymers also provide skin with an impeccably smooth surface and the look and feel of an
immediate 'lift.'

To go to Bed

Aromatherapy Classics
Body Lotion
Sleep - Lavender

Sleep well. Lavender Essential Oil relaxes and soothes to enhance sleep. This ultra-creamy body lotion contains natural soybean oil to nourish and moisturize, and glycerin to attract moisture to skin.

Breathe deeply for best results
Fragranced with essential oils and other natural fragrances
Natural ingredients may cause color variations
Never tested on animals

Hair Product

I swear by this hair treatment, now that i am a brunette I get tons of compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair is, and honestly I owe all to this product.

The MoroccanOil Hair Masque 8.5 oz 250ml is a rich, creamy treatment, designed to hydrate and repair damaged hair. With continued use, this highly effective mask revitalizes hair, restoring shine and manageability. An effective and versatile product for all hair types.

Body Wash
So I am a little OCD when it comes to shower products and I can honestly say that is is by far my favorite, this exfoliation has my body amazing when it come to deep scrubbing. love it.

Caress Body Wash, Exfoliating Burnt Brown Sugar & Karite Butter

Flaunt your gorgeous even skin tone with confidence. Caress Evenly Gorgeous Beauty Bar, with burnt brown sugar and karite butter, gently exfoliates and lusciously moisturizes to reveal beautifully even-toned skin. Go ahead, be daring!
For a Luxurious, Silkening Shower or Bath squeeze a dab onto a pool (you judge the dab). Lather, breathe deep and relax. Ignore any knocks at the door.

After my exfoliation, I then processed to with the silky soft soap, this is a must try if you want to feel your body smooth and soft, it almost feels as if anything you wear will slip right off ! lol

Caress Cashmere Luxury w/ White Orchid Milk & Vanilla Body Wash

Showering With Caress Cashmere Luxury Body Wash Will Be Like Wrapping Yourself In A Silky Soft Pashmina Surrounded By The Exotic Blend of White Orchid Milk and Warm Vanilla Essence. Your Skin Will Feel Undeniably Soft and You'll Feel So Luxurious.


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