Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Clear Skin

Clear Skin
Clear skin means skin that is free from oil, grim or dirt. Throughout the span of day our skin is exposed to harmful pollutants that make it look dull and drab. Moreover, change in season is enemy to the skin. Weather conditions and its fluctuations take its toll on the skin.

If you desire a clean and clear skin you need to follow a strict skin cleaning regimen on a daily basis. Clear skin is the other word for flawless complexion. Skin is flawless when it is free from pimple, acne and miscellaneous skin rashes.
Clear Skin Tips

Skin is generally said to be the mirror of one’s healthy body. But it depends much on the internal constitution. Healthy stomach is tantamount to healthy skin. You should have whole grain, fresh fruits and vegetables’ balanced diet to keep your digestive system in proper shape. Too much intake of protein fibers is hard to digest. It forms toxic wastes which come forth as skin rashes and blemishes. It is known that some sea food nurtures pimples and acne. So you should avoid having it. You should eat plenty of food that is high on fatty acids as EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) are precursors of good skin texture.

Home Remedies for Clear Skin

At home you can use paste of gram flour with curd or few drops of papaya juice to get rid of the dead cells. You can apply natural sandalwood paste on face or mix it with turmeric to get a youthful and glowing skin. Milk mixed with flour act as a natural scrubber for the skin. The result is a clear and beautiful skin. It is always advisable that you remove all kind of make up before going to sleep. Do not use thick night creams because they tend to block the skin pores.

Take this necessary care and give your skin a rejuvenated feel.


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