Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make Up Must Buy

Today's blog is about my current foundation. I normally use my favorite Channel foundation, until I was walking up and down CVS (and I can not do that, I go spending crazy) and came across this foundation, in which I have been using for the past 2 months. This product is so fabulous that it was a must blog beauty item. This is the Revlon Custom Creations!

The best invention this foundation has is that you can literally blend your own color that suits you to perfection. As many of you ladies already know or maybe apply the same thing as well, when I apply foundation, I normally use 2, the concealer because this lighter and the foundation... the concealer I apply underneath my eyes and the foundation which is a darker shade over the rest of the face or where needed. The great thing about this product is that this comes with a variation of colors, lightest to darkest depending on your skin tone.

Beauty Tip:

Always remember, your winter foundation should always be different from your summer foundation... in the summer we tend to get darker in skin due to sun exposure, the fabulous thing Revlon Custom offers is, all different shades in just one bottle...this is fabulous and even better you pay one price for various shades. The price is right underneath $15.00.

I always blogged, that I will not talk about a product if I have not tried it, and this one is one I highly recommend and will continue to use.


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