Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Fashion Mom Always In Heels That's ME!

Hello lovies, sorry I have been a little MIA, but I have been extremely busy, with marriage, parenting, work, along with new exciting projects and everything in between. With that being said, busy and tired has been my middle name these days, I know a lot of working moms out there can relate to my experience.

My family lives the American way – we have no house help so the husband and I have to divide some house chores, but sometimes the chores, errands, and mommy obligations on top of my work can be a bit overwhelming. Also with my son's sports and kids activities, this takes up too much of my attention these days, between work, and being a business owner, plus the activities, along with trying to multiply clients, I feel super tired.

So I ask, how do you survive your day-to-day fellow friends? Here is my plan of action, I am trying to make daily schedules but it seems easier to do on paper but extremely hard to follow. With so much going on, at times this seems crazy to follow, so I am putting this to the test! I have always been the one to live by my organizer and jot down everything, suddenly things just got to crazy with work and a new business, that I lost the time lines of my organizer. No fear, I am back on track, and happy and excited and continuing on to accomplish my new goals.... Although I am tired... I am the mom who is always in heels striving to make things happen.

As you can all tell, I have changed my blog title from Fashiongirls to A Fashion Mom Always In heels, That's Me! I believe this is more of the person that I am, because I am always in heels and I love fashion and most of all I am a mom. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and the diversity I bring to you all.



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