Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eyebrows are inevitably the most important feature on a “woman’s” face. Imagine if we had no eyebrows at all, scary ? It’s not a new thing to know that thick eyebrows are very much “in” this season, and everyone and anyone can carry it off easily provided they get the right shape. Below are a few tips.

Try this fashion forward look, by following a few simple tips

- The biggest fall trend in beauty is bigger bolder brows and the key to get the look is to not touch the brows.

- Let the brows grow in naturally and let them take on a shape of their own. (try this for at least 2-3 weeks).

- If that length of time seems too long (and you love to tweeze), consult with a brow specialist

.- The more natural looking the brow, the closer you are to the seasons look.

- What you should aim for is anything thicker than what you currently have.

- Don’t expect ultra bushy in days, that just won’t happen. The look calls for natural, bushy & thick, so you’ve got to start somewhere.

- Once you’ve let them grow in for a couple of weeks, consult with a brow specialist. Make sure when you explain what you are looking for, they tell you what you want to hear. for example, listen for thick & natural instead of archy or thin.

- Once you achieved the fuller brow, maintenance can be simple. Brow pencils or shadows are a perfect tool for filling in any patches or giving your brow a darker hue. (the other trend along with thicker brows, is darker brows as well.

- I love brow pencils with a brow brush on the other end because you can always blend the color easily if you pencil in too heavy or dark.



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