Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jennifer & Boy Toy

I love Jennifer Lopez, and I am also aware on how we are all entitle to be happy, and do as we please... there is nothing wrong with that, now here is Jennifer, with her new found love (boy toy), I mean really Jennifer, come on so public!!! Bueno, I guess we should all do what makes us happy. Marc, sometimes we just have to pay for what we do in life and honestly you hurt your beautiful ex-wife Dayanara. I wish love and happiness for both JLo and Marc. Sharing the pics with you all.


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D_C_ROD said...

que feo...and I agree Marc got what he deserved. He hurt Dayanara ALOT..JLo needs to keep her boy toy under wraps, he's ugly and yes I'm being judgemental..

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