Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make Up Artist Of The Week

A little back ground on one of the best (and favorite of my sister) make up artist.

Did you know that world-renowned makeup artist Laura Mercier started her career as a painter? She eventually became more interested in art as it related to the ability to transform the face, and created her own line of cosmetics with the purpose of bringing out the natural beauty in all women, no matter what their age or skin type.

Mercier says, “My philosophy is, and always will be, to accentuate every woman’s individual beauty, and realize that imperfections are what make us all unique and extraordinary.”As we wind up our week of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that, during a week when you make the time to express the many blessings in life for which you’re grateful, don’t forget to take a moment to be give thanks for the quirks, imperfections, and unique characteristics that make you... YOU.

Thank you Laura Mercier, for your fantastic, incredible make up line. My sister introduced me to your products and I love them and have been using ever since.



Fabulous Fashion Mom

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