Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mani vs. Pedi

Mani vs Pedi

Why oh why does my nail polish on my manicure chip after wearing it for about 2 days, MAX?!? I can have the exact same polish, base coat, top coat, etc on my pedicure and it would literally last for months (if I didn't change it out of boredom and wouldn't that be bad hygiene?). What's the deal? Some obvious answers might be "because you wash your hands", "because your hands are exposed and your feet are not", "because you use your hands more". To this I say nay! Umm, hello, I wash my feet too!! Eiww. I certainly USE my feet. I'm guessing more than I use my hands. I mean, I walk on them at the very least. If you know me you also know that my feet are literally ALWAYS exposed well in the summer. My poor tootsies are jammed into a five inch platform heel with a toe box that feels like my shoe is about 8 sizes too small. I was recently in NY and walked around in my heels for one evening and think I have a broken foot now : where I live just across the bridge we are normally

driving around. So, if any of my digits are being abused, I say it's my toes! Thus my perplextion.

Shine on!!

xoxo ~ Griselle

*NOTE* For do-it-yourself, the best polish is Channel, who originated Vamp. Remember Vamp?! Then Essie followed with Vixen. Channel nail polish costs between $18 and $30 usd, depending on where you buy it. You should only keep a bottle of nail polish for one month.

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