Saturday, January 5, 2013

Office Ethics and Etiquette

In honor of my new job, I decided to post on office etiquette. Have you changed jobs to a more conservative office environmentIf you want to change your professional life for the better, start taking specific and with measurable results action. Talk is cheap, action is priceless. Finding a balance of showing off your personality and maintaining office etiquette is the key to gaining respect and building a solid team.  I just started a new job at an office environment  I have worked in offices for over 12 years now, which makes this post very easy to me.

Remembering the importance of etiquette for the office and putting your best manners into practice can set the stage for years of success. Remember these tips to keep your office etiquette at its peak and your work relationships solid.
  • Dress appropriate, leave the sexiness and cleavage showing for your own personal time.
  • Take responsibility. (For mistakes and successes) We are human and we will make mistakes.
  • Remember good restroom office etiquette and do not cough and sneeze in the direction of others – go to the bathroom, use tissues, cover your mouth. (Better yet – if you’re sick, stay home!)
  • Always silence your cell phone and remember to do this every day. 
  • Be helpful, courteous, and polite.
  • This is a must, keep your work area organized and cleaned. 
  • Be sensitive about what you bring for lunch. If your lunch has a strong scent consider eating in the lunchroom or outside rather than at your desk.
  • Be respectful when on speakerphone, remember others are also trying to focus and concentrate on their jobs.
  • Skip the gossip and stay honest and true, work ethics goes a long way.
  • E-mails don't forget, sending emails in all caps will confuse and create drama, all caps should be use only when work demands it, other than this good grammar and appropriate caps is a must.

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