Thursday, January 17, 2013

Work & Stress

As some of you may know, I recently started a new job.  Life as I see it, is moving on and experiencing new things and opportunities.  Sometimes things turn out for the better and other times it may not.  Well, my new job is taking a lot of my energy!!!  Yes I know it's an office job, but it's still super stressful.  I am overwhelmed by all the information I have had to endure.  I have been with this company for less than 3 weeks humm maybe 2 1/2 at this point, much to my dismay, my manager resigned, and the girl I am replacing will no longer be part of the company as of next week.  Yes, stress has kicked in high gear as of next week I will be working alone with no one to ask questions other than my VP and President... and who wants to ask them questions??? I am working with systems that if an error occurs on my part I can cause the company thousands of dollar... who needs this pressure and stress in their life? certainly not me but some-how I'm stressed.

I have come to realize that work-related stress affects a huge number of people (its affecting me in my new job), causing health problems that often need not arise. I have put together a few suggestions below that can help me as well as any of you who are going through the same situation I am. with this said,  If you find yourself affected by stress during the nine-‘till-five grind, there are a number of simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of getting wound up at work.  Read below:

Getting  organized
Draw up a ‘to do’ list and prioritize your workload. Make a start on the important tasks as early as possible so that you can do the best job possible in the allotted time frame. As tempting as it can be to get ‘the easy stuff’ out of the way early, leave the low-priority jobs until later otherwise you’ll inevitably find yourself running out of time when it comes to the main tasks. Also try to stick to one task at a time – don’t get crazy trying to do five things at once.

Don’t suffer in silence
If you’re getting snowed under with task after never-ending task at work, make sure you talk to somebody sooner rather than later. It’s no good suffering in silence as that helps nobody – you get stressed out and the work either doesn’t get done in time or it gets rushed and carried out to a poor standard. Tell your line manager or employer if you need extra time to complete a task – or request that somebody else takes on some of the workload, if you are lucky you have co-workers to help.

Learn to say ‘no’
If a task you’re being asked to undertake is unrealistic, say so. Don’t just accept the work in an attempt to appease your boss and worry about the consequences later, as this can lead to extremely stressful situations. This is a particularly big problem for people who are new in their job, who want to either impress their boss or avoid being seen as somebody who is not  trying hard enough.

Take a break
Even if you have a deadline on the horizon, it’s important that you take regular breaks from the task at hand. Sitting in the same place for hours on end working on the same job isn’t particularly productive, especially if your stress levels are rising. Take regular walks or drink breaks to refresh yourself.

Look at the big picture
If you find yourself in a situation that is causing you stress at work, try and take a step back and put it in perspective. Is this a problem that will have genuinely long-lasting effects? Will it really matter in a week or a month? Chances are that the answer is no. If so, tell yourself that it’s not really worth getting so upset about. And like my situation if things are not working out and stress is taking the best of you then like my self you should consider changing jobs.

Good luck!


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