Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Hollywood Glam

Upside of Fashion

I have this love for old Hollywood glam, I love everything from the clothes, to the make-up to the jewelry  which brings me to the fabulous rings worn. This has made me want to look more into their history.  I just adore women who wear big bold rings. Something about them just screams glitz and glam. These rings make me think 1920s jazz or flapper girls. The films and party photos of old Hollywood glamour may have something to do with it.

I wanted to learn more about this mesmerizing band worn by the glitteratzi... so this is what I learned. The cocktail ring was popular in the 1940s and '50s, during the US prohibition, illegal cocktail parties were all the rage! Such a ring flaunted not only the fact that one was drinking illegally, but also that one was doing it with style. Generally women would wear them on their pinky finger of their right hand, thus being referred to as right hand rings. The more precious stones, particularly diamonds, the more you stood out. Now a days, cocktail rings are usually sold in costume jewelry shops and are made out of faux stones. Your best bet to find a precious right hand ring is to ask your grammy or go to an estate sale (I know it's sad to think that you are buying off a dead woman but if not you someone else will, plus she would want you to wear it and pass on her style) I could see a whole room of Jacki-o Skeletons green with envy cause you got to have Aunt Judiths famous amethysts.  This winter season you better flaunt it like your drunk off illegal moonshine, not only at the fanciest of cocktail parties but on the street, in the park, and while sleeping. Wear them over gloves and pretend it's your coming out party everyday. 

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