Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My Love

My baby and me.  I wanted to share just a bit of my joy. I don't really like to talk about my personal stuff let along share it in the net, but since I am at a good place now I figured I will share a little something.  After going through a broken heart, I found love. Since I met him my heart knew that he was the one for me. I can honestly say it was a bit scary I took my trust on a ride with him. As days passed, he and I spent more time together to the extend that we were each others company every day, our time just started to get better and better. Although trusting plays a big role in my life I have learned that the love I found for him made me more trusting of everyone. When D walks into a room,  I light up, I can’t help it but I do.  He is my better have I can honestly say that.  At times I wish I could relax and  tamp down my passion. I get carried away by things so easily, I get caught up in them; I give everything sometimes without thinking, when thought might be welcome addition to the circumstances. Sometimes it ends up biting me in the behind. But I don’t know how to be any other way. I love him and for now our relationship is good and most important we are both happy.  I thank god for him, his honesty and his love every day.


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