Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

Good Morning Lovies,

Hope everyone had a great fulfilled Labor day weekend. I didn't do much and loved it. Friday, went to see the beautiful twins, Sat had a much needed beauty day and then went with my kids to my town Carnival, we had a blast...and Sunday was a family day, sisters and their hubbies joined us for a bbq... of course the husbands had to play poker as they always do :) lol all in fun. Monday was good stayed in bed watching movies in the AM, then went with my daughter to get her hair done, where I spent time with my cousin and her baby... so cute. I also spent time with my girl friend and her beautiful twins, and last but not least I spend a lot of time with my godson, I see him everyday. Yes, it almost seems as if all i did was be around kids. lol,Loved everything about this weekend.



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Ana said...

aww how cute...it was nice seeing you xoxo

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