Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Responsibilities of a Parent have been long forgotten and we have made room for EGO, Selfishness, Greed, Power and Control (mostly in divorce), not to mention as Parents we are lazy and practice avoidance whenever we can(some people that is). Would it really be so hard to make things right? Would it be so hard to actually start being Parents again and teach our Child(ren) how to be responsible and serving members of society? Our new babysitters are “Call of Duty” and “Halo”, we ask our kids to microwave something out of a box while we work, work, work so we can drive a better vehicle than the person next door. We get so caught up in i have to dress better, i have to drive something better it is insane, I can tell you that unless your vehicle was made in Europe somewhere, you are probably driving a piece of garbage that you paid way to much for. And all the while you are neglecting your duties as a Parent. (but that’s ok, you look good in your fancy ride that you probably can’t really afford), so sad... others have to work hard because they trully need it and have to provide for their families, like the most of us.

When we become Parents, the right to become selfish stops. It is your responsibility to make sure you are doing what you can to provide tutelage for your Child(ren), that is your job as a Parent. You must lead by example, show them through action what it takes to lead a fulfilling life. How is it that our kids of today are addicted to violent video games, don’t even know what water tastes like and are a part of the largest spike in obesity and laziness to ever hit our planet? Let me tell you how.

We are doing a bad job Parenting! What? Did you think the answer would be longer?

Some parents, substitute their time with their kids by having them play video games, etc... some are too lazy or tired to take their kids to the park. I have spoken to some parents, that allowing their kids to join sports is like a mission for them it becomes an issue at home, therefore; the kid can not play WHY???

Take some time out of your hectic day, see if there is something you can improve on. Your Child(ren) don’t need a cellphone, they don’t need pop, food out of a box or video games. They need you to spend time with them, they need you to show them how to be healthy and have faith in themselves. If you are divorced they need to spend equal time with each Parent, and those Parents need to put their differences aside and have a Parenting plan in place. Talk to your Child(ren) and be present for them. Do what you can to make even a small change and the reward will be worth it. The reward will be looking you in the face. Allow them to join sports, dance and trust me you will see their happy face when they look at you. I can tell you when my son hits the ball at baseball or at football is name and number was called because he tackled a kid down, there is not a better reward in life when they look to see if you are watching and smile at you, try it and you will see how good it feels.
I hope I don't offend anyone, this is not what i am blogging about, is just the importance of teaching your child and providing for them but most important being their for their every milestone in their lives.



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