Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Diet Schedule

My Diet Schedule,

My fellow friends, I have failed with my diet this past weekend, did not keep my regimen... and i must say I am having a very hard time controlling what I eat. Do you believe in stress eating? Well I do and I have come to terms with my self that I have been stress eating... I am a true believer that your work should strictly stay at work and by no means should they follow you home.. and for many years I followed this however; a curve ball was thrown at me and now work is stressing me and at times i feel as if I bring it home... too much going on at work, it is hard when you are trying to do so many things at the same time and more things get thrown your way to handle, not that i am saying I can not handle it because I believe in my self, but what i am saying is that i am bringing my work stress with me and even worse this has caused me to eat out of control, not fair to me or my family... and certainly it is not good for my body...

Now that the fall is coming I can take more time to work on my self.. eventually work will calm down, well at least that is what I want to think. With this being said I did some YOGA today in which it felt good.

I will be posting some yoga clothes and some celebs looking fab attending the gym, this can motivate all of us maybe :) Lets not give up my friends, to the top all the way.

Happy work out all. My daily intake today was as follow:


Lean pocket

half a cup of rice
with one slice of steak.


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