Monday, October 11, 2010

Beauty Tips Cellulite.

Here are a few tips on cellulite, that are working for me... You may give it a try and hopefully this will work for you as well.

When fat cells of the body gets trapped by the fibers and ends up forming a network it is called cellulite. These fibers are cleansed continuously by body fluids. This results in poor circulation that gradually slows down the cleansing process. Thus, waste materials get accumulated and thicken and turns into immovable and burdensome fat.

Thigh, hips and buttocks are mostly affected by cellulite. But sometimes upper back, arms and abdomen are also affected by cellulite. The body experiences tightness or heaviness when massaged or pressed. Cellulite is neither an illness nor a disease. You can say that cellulite is a barometer that says that the lifestyle you are leading is unhealthy. In the year 1973, this term was coined.

Compared to men, women suffers from cellulites more. This is because the distribution of muscle, fat, connecting tissues are different in men and women. Sometimes, female hormone also plays pivotal role in uneven distribution of fat. Men does not suffer from this problem as the fibers in their body stay in criss-crossed manner so that fat never gets accumulated quickly.

Tips to fight cellulite

Eat healthy: Make your everyday diet healthy by adding lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains. Make sure that you take adequate amount of raw fruits also. Eliminate processed and packaged foods, starches, sugars and fatty foods. This will help in minimizing the toxins intake of the body thus combats cellulite and improves dry brushing effects.

Drink plenty of water: Adequate amount of water intake is very important so that the body can fight with toxins and flush them out. The general rule says that healthy living demands at least 10 glasses of water everyday. However, after the intake of each caffeine beverage, you must drink one extra glass of water.

Brush cellulite areas: Before you take shower, dry brush the cellulite area everyday. Before you begin the process, make sure that the skin is dry and wash properly afterwards so that the released toxins are removed. Always use soft bristled and natural brush, which is friendly to your skin.

Follow proper procedure of brushing: Use gentle, but long strokes towards heart over cellulite areas for a duration of five to ten minutes daily. Keeping the motion, towards heart promotes proper functioning of lymphatic systems so that the level of toxin elimination improves. With continuous following of this procedure for two months, the skin improves significantly.

Exercise daily: If you follow a daily exercise regime, add some exercise that are cellulite specific. Target the areas that do not get regular exercise. These areas tend to accumulate toxic waste. Thus with regular exercise, this kind of toxic accumulation will be prevented.

Bathing in Essential oils: Essential oils are enriched with numerous active ingredients, that help the body in different ways. In fighting cellulite, essential oils can play a pivotal role. By osmosis, they can penetrate inside the skin and breaks down the fat accumulated of the skin. Thus, the body does not get any type of cellulite.


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