Friday, October 15, 2010

Instilling Organization In Your Childs Life

Today I had a conversation with my son, and here was the topic, how to be organized. I saw him a bit stressed with school work, and juggling sports. Football is almost an everyday responsibility he has practice 4 days a week and games Saturday, Sunday and at times Monday's, between all this in my home taking time to study and doing good in school is PRIORITY number 1. therefore, i was teaching him on how being organized can help him with everything mentally and physically, with this being said here are 5 ways on how to teach your child on being organized.

1. Set up a Designated Study Space — Make sure there's an area of your house just for homework, with all the supplies she/he needs in bins and boxes. Provide plenty of space for books and set up baskets for papers so your child can find old homework to review for tests.

2. Color Code Subjects — Buy school supplies for each subject in a different color, so your child can see at a glance which folder, notebook, and binder has to do with which subject.

3. Create a Cubby Hole at Home — Place a crate or sturdy box near your front door so your child can keep his backpack and other school items in one spot. Teach him to put anything he needs for the next day in that place as well. That way, he'll know where his stuff is when he's looking for it.

4. Use a Calendar — Give your child a date book or other portable calendar that she/he can bring with her to school. Teach him to write down assignments, tests, play dates, lessons, and other plans regularly. Also have him write down her classmates' phone numbers and e-mail addresses so he can find and contact them easily, this is if their school does not have a website.

5. Set a Good Example — If you keep things neat and organized in your own life, your child is more likely to follow suit. If he has trouble making "to-do" lists, sit down and make one alongside him. Seeing you turn off the TV at a regular time to pay bills or even just to read will show him the importance of setting aside time to do things and sticking to it.

6. Keep a family calendar. Track everyone's activities on a prominent and accessible calendar, encouraging your child to write her own entries and reference the calendar when making plans. You also might consider checking schedules and updating the calendar as a family over Sunday breakfast.

7. Introduce checklists. Whether it's as simple as "3 Things To Do Before Bed" or "What To Take On Vacation," creating and referring to lists together will develop your child's ability to strategize tasks and organize his time

8. Use containers and closet organizers. If there's a place for everything, she'll find it easier to find items, keep neat, and clean up. Build "pick up" time into the daily routine.

9. Reward and provide support with organizational tasks. Your child may find organizing a challenge, so help her develop her routine and give her a treat for jobs well done!

10. Organized life, means organized mind and happy stressless life!



Denise said...

Oh dear..i love your blog!!! great minds think alike!

Griselle said...

Thank you love! I love your blog as well.

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