Monday, October 25, 2010

One of the most special seasons of the year is fall or autumn which allows for individuals to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves on the trees and the leaves falling on the ground.

As the weather cools down from the summer season there are still ways to enjoy the season.

These are my reason as to why I enjoy the fall.

  • Fashion Fashion and more Fashion... i love fashion.
  • Changing up my wardrobe and purchasing new clothes that have come for fall. There is nothing more fun than and sporting new fashionable clothes.
  • Re-decorating my home, with Holiday decor and colors.
  • Taking walks or going for a hike in the park that has many trees so that i can see and enjoy the sight of all the colors of leaves, along with the leaves on the ground. Enjoy stepping on the leaves, collecting foliage, and hearing the crunch of them under your feet as i walk.
  • Picking out pumpkin and carving it out. Basically turn it into a event that involves all of the family or friends.
  • Meeting my girl friends for Brunch or coffee and dressing stylish with a fashionable scarf a cool hat and some stylish boots.
  • Bundling up and going to the football filed to watch my son play with his football team.
  • Enjoying eating fall desserts such as apple, and pumpkin pies. Trying new recipes or create new recipes and share it with friends and or family.
  • Ever since my son started playing football and my man is such a Giants fan, I didn't have much of a choice but get involved and learn football, therefore; I am enjoying watching the fall season sports.
I love the Summer but the Fall gets us prepared to share more indoor intimate family time. I love it. Hopefully you all are enjoying your fall just as much as i am.


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