Monday, December 23, 2013

Food For Thought Monday

Food For Thought

Great fortune+++++++++++++++++++Remind yourself often of how fortunate you are. The more you realize and recall your good fortune, the more good and valuable things you can do with it. Try as often as you can
to realize how much more fortunate you are then many others
in this world rather then the other way. This is the key to realizing
good fortune.Your true fortune has little to do with the size of your bank account or your material assets. The greatest fortune you have is life itself, and the opportunity to live each moment with awareness and effectiveness. The news is full
of those so much more less fortunate and those who might
not ever be able to say or feel that.There is endless fortune in your ability to choose what to do with each moment. There is limitless fortune in your capacity to feel love, awe, compassion, gratitude and pure joy IF you open yourself up to it. Let go of your need to control
everything you do or commit to. Be free to try things after you deem
them to be worthy of your time and effort. Face your fears and
remove them as the blockages they are.Spend some time each day thinking about how truly fortunate you are. Let the warm feeling of that magnificent fortune permeate your awareness and allow yourself to be so very thankful for what it is you do have.
you do have The great fortune of your life is here and now. Live it with joy and meaning.

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