Thursday, December 19, 2013

Motivational Thursday


Get Going++++++++++

Stop telling yourself why you cannot do it and start reminding yourself why you must. When you change your negative reinforcement and you have a strong enough reason why, you'll get it done.

It can be all too easy to come up with excuses. And it can be all too easy to let those excuses stop you in your tracks. This is giving up and not being willing to do the hard work necessary to achieve. Everything comes with
a price.

Yet you can also very easily let go of those excuses. Though they may sound impressive, when they are no longer valid for you.

Because now, you have chosen to move forward. As of this moment, you have reconnected with your purpose and you're clear about why you must.

Effort, as difficult as it may be, is a joy when there's a good, solid, meaningful reason behind it. On this very day, you can experience that joy if you allow yourself to connect to the end result of why you're doing what you're doing.

Get up, get going, and thoroughly enjoy the process of the achievement. Remember why you must, and get it done.

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