Friday, December 3, 2010

15 Things I can't Live Without

Whoever wants to do this..please do. It's a fun way to get to know each other!

1. My 3 Kids (husband , daughter, and son). I couldn't live a day without them, they are my world.

2. My computer/Internet. It's seriously my life line. I freak out if we ever lose connection!

3. Make-up, of course. I wouldn't live without my foundation, a good eyelash curler, mascara and lip stick.

4. Bags / Purses! If you know me you know I am a bag freak, I have to use a different bag everyday!

5. Coffee, It is my morning start my day off picker upper.

6. My favorite shows such as Desperate Housewives, The Talk, One tree Hill, The Kardashians, anything on HGTV it is my obsession!

7. Candles / Magazines there is nothing better than having a clean home lite up candles and a great fashion mag or book to indulge in.

8. DVR... oh my lord. How did I EVER live without it, before they were invented. I love being able to tape all my favorite shows and pause or rewind whenever I need to.

9. My Blackberry. I love being able to check my blog, the weather, Internet,texting etc.

10. Body Lotions I am a fanatic of smelling good and body lotions, Victoria Secret, YSL and many more I have a huge basket full

11. I can not live with out my SUNGLASSES, love them , adore them and I take great care of them.

12. Pretty, sexy sleepwear, I am a true fanatic of going to bed looking and feeling pretty.

13. I can't live without SHOPPING. The movie shopaholic i think was made in dedication to me, with out the being in such debt. lol

14. Mirror I have always been one too always look in any mirror yes in windows as well to see my reflection. lol

15. Most of all I can't live without talking to my sisters on the phone, we can talk about anything or anyone and I know they won't betray me.


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