Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Every Mom Needs Her Time

Every mommy needs her time!, I am a true and firm believer, ladies being a mom is the best in the world! however many of us once we become mothers, we forget about what it is to have time for your self to unwind. We all need time to enjoy ourselves, being a mommies brings tons of joy, but a fun day out with your family or friends has no price, this is like re-charging your batteries and being just you and not the worried mommy. I truly believe that all mothers should take time to enjoy and just be you!

Below are some pictures of some fabulous mothers who took a night out to have dinner and drinks. This was an awesome night, fun, girl chatting and picture taking, you should all put it to the test and you will see that 2 hours or 3 is enough time to re-charge... now get dress look pretty and go have some great laughs.

The Mommies
Tai Food Yummy

Wine and Coconut Martini's to end the night!

Awesome night!


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