Thursday, December 9, 2010

My X-mas List

Many spouses, friends, boy/girlfriend, may not know what to give their significant other for the holidays or any occassion, i.e Valentines or Christmas, B-days... In this case it is Christmas... Below i am sharing with you the list I have given my spouse, he has more than enough to choose form and surprise me, the dollar amount runs from $10.00 and up, so there he can choose depending on his budget (well he better not have a budget for me) These are just some of the things I have listed for him.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi

Ninja BlenderItem Number NH429 (Shipping Code B)$119.99

3M CP40 Digital Camcorder MPEG-4 - HD - 14 MB Flash Memory - Projector, Microphone,...
Audio Accessories: Microphones, Speakers, Recorders - Video Accessories: Projection Screens / Drapers - General Audio & Video Accessories: Audio/Video Cables, Batteries / Chargers
Introducing the 3M Camcorder Projector Shoot 'n Share CP40. Now you can shoot HD video, then project and share it instantly.

I also want many other things in which my hubby has been notified. Simple little things such as The Ricky Martin Book, and many other books, I love reading and indulging in a good book on a Sunday cold morning is one of the best things. 2011 Organizer in which i can not live with out, Gucci bag. an upgrade on my phone never hurts. lol. Most of all I want to love and always feel loved by my husband, friends and family, and all done so in good health.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping. Babe if you are reading this you know this is my list. lol


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